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‘Below Deck Med’: Lexi Wilson Actually Liked Her Crew Members

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Below Deck Med star Lexi Wilson talked about that chaotic episode. Fans who don’t have a Peacock subscription had no idea that Monday night’s episode was going to be so explosive. Everything went down the moment the crew members went out for dinner.

Though it didn’t seem like it, Lexi admitted that she liked her crew. The beauty pageant queen keeps a burn list that has a list of names of the people she doesn’t like. Whenever she’s upset, she tells her crew members that she’s Satan. Lexi even mumbled things under her breath about Chef Mathew Shea.

Lexi Wilson talks about the chaotic crew night out

The second stew talked about the latest Below Deck Med drama. Lexi sat down for an exclusive interview with Bravo TV’s The Daily Dish. She teased the crew’s chaotic night out before the Monday, July 26 episode. Some of the craziest moments took place at the restaurant and in the hot tub.

Lexi admitted that she liked her crew members. It was just Chef Mathew Shea she didn’t like. She couldn’t wait to have another night out with them, even if he was coming along. At first, it seemed like the flustered chef was staying behind, but he begrudgingly went along and drank a lot during dinner.

“I think I was really excited to just get off the boat and have a day off or night off and not have to think about the guests,” Lexi said. “I was looking forward to it.”

That’s when she mentioned that she “liked everyone” except for Mat. The two haven’t gotten along since working together in the galley. Lexi explained that she had a feeling he would “say something off the wall.” Mat confirmed Lexi’s concerns when he bragged about going to hook-up parties during awkward dinner.

Below Deck Med star claims Chef Mat is creepy

Lexi didn’t have a good feeling about Mat from the beginning. The Below Deck Med crew members called him out for his inappropriate comments. Even bosun Malia White told him to “shut up.” Lexi recalled hearing the chef saying some “messed up stuff.”

“I just, like, looked at him; I didn’t even answer, because I could tell he was off in some weird Mat world,” she explained.

Mat became increasingly frustrated with the crew. Earlier, he was freaking out because he had to cook their meals. Then, at that moment, he didn’t like how they were treating him. He packed up his knives and walked off the boat. Before then, Mat made sure to punch a few of the cameras to prove his point.

Meanwhile, the crew members argued over the bill. Lexi argued that she didn’t have to pay anything. In the interview, she claims it was “definitely a misunderstanding.” She wanted to know the conversation rate for 300 kuna, which is the currency of Croatia.

Bravo star claims to like the crew

The drama transferred from the restaurant to the hot tub and crew mess. Tensions especially increased between Malia and Lexi, who were already annoyed with one another. Lexi reiterated that she was “excited” to spend time with the Below Deck Med crew that same night. She was just looking forward to relaxing in the hot tub where the drama commenced.

She has a feeling that fellow stew Courtney Veale quietly supported, but tried to stay out of it. As for Courtney, she was so drunk that she couldn’t speak. She later ended up passing out in her cabin. Lexi shared what was going through her mind when everyone was arguing.

“I think I was just so angry, and I had so much going on. And I came out of the room and felt just like, I don’t know, it was just a continuation of the hot tub for me,” Lexi continued. “And I guess when you’re already in that headspace, you just continue going on instead of relaxing and going in your room and trying to de-escalate.”

[Credit: Lexi Wilson/Instagram]
[Credit: Lexi Wilson/Instagram]
Things quickly escalated between Lexi and Mzi “Zee” Dempers. She felt like he was inserting himself into a situation he had no part being off. Lexi said that she “was responding to things that [were] said to me” and she “wasn’t just arguing for the sake of arguing.”

Fans will find out what happens in the next episode. Some can’t wait to see the drama escalate. Luckily for them, new episodes drop a few days earlier on Peacock. Below Deck Med airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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