Is ‘Below Deck Med’ Courtney Veale Afraid Of Hannah Ferrier?!

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Below Deck Med stars Malia White and Courtney Veale appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. The crew members talked everything about the show, including past and present cast members. Of course, host Andy Cohen stirred the pot a little and had a fan ask Courtney about former Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier. As fans know, Malia has a shaky history with Hannah.

The two never really got along, especially when they first worked together in Season 2. Things came to a head in Season 5 when Malia found a prescription for Valium and a CBD pen in Hannah’s belongings. She turned her in and Captain Sandy Yawn fired Hannah as a result. The two received criticism for their treatment of Hannah to this day.

How does Courtney Veale feel about Hannah Ferrier?

On Monday night’s episode of WWHL, a fan asked Courtney if she would work with Hannah. “Question, have you ever seen an episode of Below Deck before joining the crew and if so, did you hope to work with Hannah?” the Below Deck Med viewer asked.

“Um, when I was in quarantine for my season, I watched a couple of episodes, and no,” Courtney said. “Hannah scared me. I don’t think she would’ve liked me.”

Malia just quietly sat there with a smile on her face. Some of the audience members awkwardly laughed. In the new season, Courtney works with new Chief Stew Katie Flood, who has a different personality from Hannah and previous others. There is no comparison when it comes to Katie and Hannah.

So far, Katie has a good handle on the interior. But that could all change now that second stew Lexi Wilson is acting out even more. Not only does she have a problem with Chef Mathew Shea, but she also stirred up drama among the deckhands. This caused a drunken Katie to step in during the crew’s chaotic night out.

What do Below Deck Med fans think?

Most Below Deck Med fans still miss Hannah Ferrier. They felt that what Malia and Captain Sandy did to her was wrong. Some of them even vowed to boycott the new season. They didn’t like hearing that the gruesome twosome was allowed to return after Hannah’s firing.

Other fans went as far as to call Malia and Sandy snakes. Regardless of what fans think, the ratings for Season 6 of Below Deck Mediterranean continue to climb. A few fans took to the comments section of the WWHL Twitter account to share their thoughts.


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“Bc [Hannah Ferrier] wasn’t one to coddle,” one fan wrote. “I loved Hannah too. She expected those who applied to perform.”

“Anyone have any input [as to] why she said that?” another wondered. “Not watching this season for obvious reasons, but since they mentioned [Hannah Ferrier] I’d like to know. I love Hannah by the way.”

“Katie is doing a good job,” a third fan added. “I still love and miss Hannah though.”

Slowly, the tides are changing for Malia. They commended her for the way she handled the Lexi Wilson drama on Monday night’s episode. Some of them almost forgot what she did to Hannah. This season could show Malia and Sandy in a positive light, especially with two bad crew members on board.

Below Deck Med airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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