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‘Y&R’ Spoilers: Sally Wants Revenge And Nick Newman?

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The Y&R spoilers suggest that Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) will try again with Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman). As fans know, she can’t stay good for long. Revenge will overcome her and she will try to get back at Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) by going after Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) instead. Normal is boring for the fiery redhead, and she’ll be back to her old ways in no time.

Sally and Jack have been moving slowly. Understandably, he still doesn’t trust her. Jack’s instincts go out the window, especially when it comes to seeing a young gorgeous woman. There’s something about Sally that Jack can’t resist, but she could screw it up again.

Jack Abbott romances Sally Spectra

Y&R fans witnessed Jack taking Sally out for drinks already. This pairing has everyone mixed. Some love seeing the two together while others are grossed out by the obvious age gap. Despite what everyone thinks, Jack and Sally will get back together. He will try his hardest to romance her the best way he knows how.

According to the latest spoilers, Jack will put all out the stops this time. They won’t just go out for a few drinks or have a conversation at his mansion. Jack will surprise Sally, which means that something special will happen on their next date. Sally will finally find out if Jack is serious about her.

Young and the Restless - Phyllis summers - Michelle Stafford
Phyllis Summers Youtube

She doesn’t want to be just friends, but she doesn’t want to stop talking to him either. In the meantime, she will have to watch out for Phyllis, who’s trying to destroy everything she got. Phyllis realized that Sally Spectra ended up with Summer Newman’s (Hunter King) career. To top it off, Tara Locke (Elizabeth Leiner) got Summer’s fiance Kyle Newman (Micheal Mealor).

Phyllis is concocting a plan to expose Sally and Tara for getting her daughter out of town. However, that could end once Kyle tells Phyllis to butt out of his life. Kyle thinks Summer made that decision herself, but Phyllis thinks her daughter had no choice. Once Sally catches onto Phyllis’s plan, she’ll want to get revenge.

Y&R spoilers – Sally chases Nick Newman instead

The Y&R spoilers tease that Sally may end up chasing after Nick Newman instead. She will drop Jack like a hot potato once she finds out what Phyllis is up to. For Sally, revenge is the most important thing on her mind. This could lead to the end of her courtship with Jack.

Sally arrived at Genoa City for a fresh start. But she couldn’t help but revert back to her old ways. It seems like she can’t win ever since she went off the rails. Sally could end up blowing it with Jack and could even lose her career at JVC as a result.

Young and the restless - Sally Spectra Courtney Hope
Sally Spectra Youtube

She needs something to do. This would be the perfect time for Sally to get revenge on Phyllis by stealing her man. She might try to ruin their relationship. Nick is a known cheater and could fall for the younger version of Phyllis that most fans can see.

Sally has gotten men to fall in love with her before. She could do it again. The fans are loving the Sally and Phyllis rivalry and want to see it continue. Getting in between the couple could be what the show needs.

The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS.

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  1. the young and the restless sally should tell nick that she is Phyllis daughter to and summer should also be toe that she have yet another sister and kyle should run to tara because he could get hurt yet again tara would be good to him and the two should get together finally kyle and tara shoul talk about the past and the prest and the future and the feelings they have for each other it should be for good and forever and summer should be fire. and nick should get with sally for fun.and Phyllis shoud be fire. and jack should be fire to.

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