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Chase Chrisley Has Baby Fever, Todd Quickly Shuts It Down

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Chase Chrisley revealed he was suffering from a bit of baby fever on Instagram yesterday. Just minutes after he published this Instagram declaration, his father Todd Chrisley rushed in to shut it down. We already know Chase’s mother Julie doesn’t believe he’s ready to get married yet. Turns out, Todd doubles down on this train of thought when it comes to children.

Chase Chrisley Instagram
Chase Chrisley Instagram

Chase Chrisley has baby fever, Todd shuts it down

Todd Chrisley’s son spent the weekend getting some baby cuddles. Chase enjoyed the baby cuddles so much that he took to Instagram to share a photo of himself snuggling with a gorgeous little bundle of joy. Todd’s son looked up at the camera as he snapped a photo of himself with an adorable little baby curled up on his chest. He admitted in the caption of the photo he was suffering from a bit of baby fever.

Now, Todd Chrisley was NOT having it. He was quick to shut down Chase Chrisley and any thoughts of having a baby in the near future.  Todd insisted baby fever was just a fleeting thought. He seemingly encouraged his son not to make a mistake and have a child before he was ready.

“This to shall pass , wait until you are 40 , have lived your life and know when the timing is right son.” Todd penned in response to Chase having a touch of baby fever.

Chrisley Knows Best fans had pretty mixed responses

Todd Chrisley’s response to Chase and his baby fever was liked over 8,000 times. So, it was clear other Chrisley Knows Best fans agreed that Chase was far from ready for a child. Unsurprisingly, his comment also netted nearly 300 replies as fans had a LOT of opinions on this. Not everyone in the responses agreed with Todd’s thoughts on baby fever.

  • “I hate when people say ‘live your life’ before having kids… kids are such an amazing blessing and are a huge part of life! I had my daughter at 26. She’s 2 and is our world. It doesn’t stop us from ‘living life’. She enhances it.”
  • “I agree with your dad. Maybe not 40 but definitely wait till your 30’s. That baby is adorable so I can see why you want one of your own.”
  • “Who is Todd trying to kid we all know he loves being a papa?”
  • Chase Chrisley Instagram
    Chase Chrisley Instagram

Julie Chrisley also doesn’t want Chase married yet

Julie Chrisley and her husband revisited the idea of Chase getting married during their podcast episode last week. Turns out, Julie doesn’t believe men should get married until after they turn 28. She explains science supports her thoughts on this because this is what age the male brain fully develops. According to Julie, men should NOT get married before their brain fully develops. She added that her children were “a little slow,” so she wants Chase to wait until he’s 30 to marry.

It appears as if her husband Todd Chrisley wants Chase to be married for about a decade and really “live life” before settling down and having some children.

Chrisley Knows Best fans thought suggesting 40 was pushing it. This is especially true if Chase marries someone roughly the same age as him. Having children later in life can be dangerous for a woman. For most women, their 20’s and 30’s are the ideal years for having babies.

How do you think Emmy Medders feels about Chase Chrisley having baby fever? Do you think Todd really wants him to wait until he’s 40? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Chrisley family.

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