Blayke Busby/Credit: Adam Busby/Instagram

Blayke Busby Pampers Her Cousin With DIY ‘Spa Day’: See Charming Video

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Blayke Busby has been spending a lot of time with her cousins, particularly McKenzie. Over the weekend, the eldest Busby daughter and McKenzie treated themselves to a “spa day.” How did Blayke pamper her older cousin? 

‘Tween’ Busby Spending More Time With Cousins

Blayke Busby is officially a tween. She turned 10-years-old in April. Her parents, Adam and Danielle, spoiled her with a birthday extravaganza that included an overnight stay in a ritzy hotel. 

Now that she’s on her way to being a teen, does Blayke Busby prefer hanging out with older kids? 

In fact, she’s spent much of the summer break away from her little sisters. While the quints went to an invention summer camp, Blayke went to bible camp. She’s also been spending a lot of time with her cousins, Lily and McKenzie. According to “Aunt Kiki,” creating their own “spa clinic” is one of Blayke and McKenzie’s favorite things to do lately. 

Blayke Busby/Credit: Danielle Busby/Instagram
Blayke Busby/Credit: Danielle Busby/Instagram

Quints Enjoy ‘Lazy Sunday’ 

Blayke wasn’t the only Busby relaxing over the weekend. Danielle Busby shared a cute pic of one of the quints snoozing on the couch. “Lazy Sunday,” she wrote on the photo. 

Credit: Danielle Busby/Instagram
Credit: Danielle Busby/Instagram

DIY ‘Spa Day

Who doesn’t love a good spa day? Blayke Busby and McKenzie Mills got an early start on the popular relaxation technique. But the cousins obviously can’t afford regular spa treatments at salons. So, they created their own little spa clinic. 

McKenzie’s mom, Crystal – Aunt Kiki – shared a video on her Instagram Stories of the spa set-up. On the door is a hand-made sign that says, “Welcome to the spa clinic!” Underneath, it welcomes everyone, “!Come on in!” 

Aunt Kiki cracked the door open to reveal McKenzie reclining in a dark room. Wearing a robe and a mask over her eyes, McKenzie is the picture of relaxation.

Wait, where was Blayke Busby?

Blayke Busby Pampers Cousin With Pretend Mimosa 

Apparently, Blayke Busby is the attendant at the DIY spa. In another video, McKenzie sips on some orange juice. The refreshing drink was provided by her cousin, Blayke. Aunt Kiki joked that it was the girls’ version of a mimosa. 

Hopefully, Blayke got her own turn to get pampered in the DIY spa. Do you think it was sweet of Blayke to dote on her cousin? Wouldn’t you like to take a trip to the Busby/Mills cousin’s “spa clinic”? 

Let us know in the comments if you enjoyed seeing Blayke Busby and McKenzie’s spa day.

Viewers are eager for more Busby family antics. However, TLC has yet to announce any plans for a Season 9 of OutDaughtered. We’ll let you know as soon as any decision has been made. Make sure to bookmark Tv Shows Ace for all the latest Busby news. 

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