‘Little People Big World’ Will Amy Roloff Take Chris Marek’s Last Name?

Amy Roloff - Chris Marek - YouTube

It’s just a little over thirty days until Amy Roloff and Chris Marek become Mr. & Mrs. So Little People Big World fans wonder if Amy Roloff will legally be Amy Marek after her August 28, 2021 nuptials take place. As Amy continues her second act, will a name change also be in her future?  Will it benefit her reality television career and other businesses to continue using the Amy Roloff moniker?

Little People Big World: Chris Marek & Amy Roloff s Wedding Countdown

The current season airing of Little People Big World shows all the behind-the-scenes planning going into Amy Roloff and Chris Marek’s big wedding. The couple picked a date and started looking for venues. Plus, after a lot of consideration and deliberation, the couple did end up taking up Amy’s ex-husband Matt Roloff’s offer to have the wedding on Roloff Farms.

Amy Roloff shared her wedding dress shopping with her Little People Big World fans. So we know she’s said yes to the dress. She’s getting closer to becoming a wife again.  Tori Roloff revealed on Instragam that Amy’s son Zach Roloff and grandson Jackson Roloff have been fitted for their wedding suits. The clock’s ticking for the countdown to the big day.

Amy Roloff - Instagram
Amy Roloff – Instagram

LPBW: Amy Marek Personally and Amy Roloff Professionally?

Little People Big World matriarch Amy Roloff has gone by the name Amy Roloff for over thirty years. She has been legally Amy Roloff longer than her birth name of Amy Knight. So as her wedding to Chris Marek fastly approaches, the reality star certainly has a huge decision to make in regards to her name. Amy Roloff seems to be of traditional values. So it’s logical for her to take her new husband’s name. However, she’s built her career and brand around the name Roloff. So the decision isn’t as simple as it would be for most brides.

There are pros and cons to the name change for the Little People Big World star. There are also many possible ways for Amy to float both names and keep her brand thriving and her new husband happy. The ideal solution would be for Amy to use Roloff professionally and Amy Marek in all other matters. In essence, the Amy Roloff name becomes a DBA (Doing Business As) alias. This allows her not to skip a beat in business while legally becoming Amy Marek.

Amy Roloff - Chris Marek - Instagram
Amy Roloff – Chris Marek – Instagram

Little People Big World: Will The Marek Wedding Air On TLC?

Although Amy and Chris’s real-life wedding will take place in just about a month, Little People Big World fas will likely have to wait till next season to see the wedding air on the family’s hit TLC reality show. The currents season wrapped filming months ago, so all LPBW fans will see this season are the wedding planning and not the actual wedding.

It’s still unclear if the Marek wedding will air as a stand-alone special or as part of a new season. TLC has been known to air a special stand-alone episode when one of their fan-favorite stars has a child. Perhaps this will be the route the network chooses for the wedding of Amy Roloff to Chris Marek.

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  1. I haven’t been able to see a replay of the wedding. I missed the 1st hour & wanted to see it’s entirely. It still is not on “Demand” thru Spectrum. I don’t see it on youtube either. I love this show and certainly, hope it will return on TLC & not be changed to that “+” Discovery which I will not pay extra for.

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