‘Blended Bunch’ Exclusive: Fate Of TLC Series Revealed, Season 2?

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Will The Blended Bunch be renewed or canceled for Season 2? The fate of the TLC series has been up in the air since the Season 1 Finale aired. But, thanks to our connections with a few of the cast members, we have the scoop. So, what has TLC decided to do with this series? Keep reading, we’ll explain.

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The Blended Bunch: Meet The Shemwells

In March of 2021, TLC introduced a new series called The Blended Bunch. The series featured a widow and a widower named Erica and Spencer. Here’s the official synopsis of what the series is about:

In a small town in Utah lives a widow and widower who, combined with their 11 children, have formed the modern-day Brady Bunch; Spencer and Erica Shemwell have found love after loss, but blending a family this big can come with some major challenges.”

Unfortunately, the series was NOT well-received. TLC viewers thought it was irresponsible for Erica and Spencer to force their children to blend together in such a big family. Google viewers reveal just slightly more than those who watched the series admitted to liking it. Reviews on IMDb showed roughly the same results.

For those who enjoyed watching The Blending Bunch, the bad reviewers didn’t bode well for a renewal. Would TLC gamble with renewing the series for Season 2 when it wasn’t well-received?

Shemwell Kids Instagram
Shemwell Kids – Instagram

Canceled Or Renewed? The Fate Of The Series Revealed

Mark Letham (Tony’s dad) sat down with a member of our staff recently. He shared with us exclusively that the fate of The Blended Bunch regarding Season 2 finally “came down” from the higher-ups. So, did TLC cancel or renew the series for Season 2?

According to Mr. Letham TLC has decided to pull the plug on The Blended Bunch. So, the series HAS been canceled and WILL NOT return for Season 2.

While Mark definitely doesn’t speak for the entire family he noted “life goes on” in response to learning the show would not return. He also shared that he had no idea he had a son and how happy he was that Erica never gave up on looking for him. ” They are a strong family and I am blessed to be Tony’s biological father. This family my family is all about love.”

Shemwell Instagram
Shemwell Instagram
Tony and Erica

Quinn Kendall Previously Shared His Thoughts With Us

A separate member of our staff caught up with Quinn Kendall (Erica’s brother) a few months ago, we asked if Quinn knew anything about Season 2. We also asked if he thought the family even wanted a Season 2. Quinn told us he had no idea if the series would get renewed or canceled. He, however, also wasn’t sure if he was interested in being in any additional seasons.

As fans recall, The Blended Bunch painted Quinn Kendall out as a bit of “the bad guy.” Quinn also told us his parents weren’t too happy with the show either.

My parents aren’t happy with how they were thrown under the bus… AND I agree with them. It was pure wrong.”

He added: “Erica and Spencer seem just fine. I haven’t decided if I will participate. If they need me I will.”

We have reached out to Quinn Kendall to see if he has any thoughts on the series getting canceled, but we haven’t heard back yet.

Shemwell - The blended Bunch
Shemwell Instagram

Are you bummed The Blended Bunch got canceled by TLC? Were you hoping TLC would renew the series for Season 2? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest TLC news.

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  1. This is awful a real
    That kids can relate with issues that people deal
    With and no can’t be
    Seen cray bring it

  2. I am sad the season was not well received and this is cancelled. I was moved by the way the mom talked to her kids about the real issues they were experiencing. I didn’t agree with everything but overall thought it was a beautiful family and was looking forward to more episodes!

    1. I agree! The children were given the space to express how they were feeling and I admired that. I thought they could have explained the reasons why the adoption was a good idea first before announcing it but apart from that they seem to be doing an awesome job. I would have liked to see more.

      1. I would have loved another season. I really enjoyed the love and commitment the couple had for their children. Grief is hard to deal with and it’s especially hard to see with the children. I think it’s what should be on tv instead of all these dating shows . Show some real reality.
        I want another Meanswell season, I loved all the children.

  3. I think the way things were handled was fine. I did not agree with uncle Quinn going in and talking to Emma about a subject that is none of his business. The children have a mother and part of being a mom is doing whats best for your kids and yes sometimes that means doing things that the kids don’t understand yet. He needs to butt out and stay in his lane. I think he is just mad because his sister has a new #1 man and it isn’t Quinn.

  4. I started watching this and fell in love with the family. They do a great job talking to their kids and it helps you see how losing a parent really is for kids, also how they deal with it. I was brought to tears multiple times but I think it was a good thing as im going to have a blended family someday and seeing what works with the kids and what doesn’t is valuable to me as a parent. I wanted to see the kids get thru their struggles. These are real problems and seeing real stuff that families go thru was very valuable and im really bummed that it will not continue.

  5. I don’t think you should base one season on how people react to the show. My wife and I absolutely loved the show and I hope Netflix or Peacock or or discovery plus picks them up for rest of seasons.

  6. Please bring it back! Don’t listen to all the negative people. This family is awesome. Like to see any of them do better with 11 kids.

  7. It’s a shame they won’t be bringing this show back it’s shines a lot of light on blended families and it’s difficulties it not an easy process but at the end of the day it’s about family and love and bringing everyone together. I wish you would bring it back

  8. I wish this show would come back on the air… I really empathized with everyone (including Quinn) and loved how everyone had their best intentions in mind for the families. They all were always concerned with what particular family members felt about certain things and made sure to acknowledge each other’s feelings instead of ignoring their worries. This was the first TLC show that I truly connected with. I hold my best wishes for the Means Shemwell Family and I sincerely wish them the best. <3

  9. Just found the show and watched all the episodes. I think it is a wonderful show and fell in love with this blended family. Please bring it back for Season 2!!!! I didn’t get the impression that they made Erica’s brother or parents look like the bad guys. I felt that they just had her best interest and those of her children in mind. As the season progressed they grew to love Spencer and his children. Thought it was truly genuine.

  10. I know I’m late to the Blended Family show but I am so bummed to have just discovered it today and finding out it wasn’t picked up for another few seasons.
    As a blended family mom it’s nice to see how others are doing it.
    I guess if any one of us had cameras following us around daily and our extended families you would see many different variables and sure some things people aren’t going to agree with or be on board with but you do the best you can in that moment.
    I am enjoying how it is showing the true struggles of blending! It isn’t easy and in this world today it’s more common than ever and so many families are doing it wrong and causing permanent damage to the children.
    I am enjoying seeing the honesty and transparency of this young couple and the feelings of the children.
    Signed: Mom of 18

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