‘When Calls The Heart’s’ Paul Greene To Become A Father Again

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When Calls The Heart fan favorite, Paul Greene has just made a big announcement! Greene, the actor that plays Dr. Carson Shepherd, and his fiancée, Kate Austin, are expecting a baby boy.

Here are the details!

When Calls The Heart’s Paul Greene, Fiancée, Expecting Baby Boy

Paul Greene and his fiancée Kate Austin are expecting a baby boy! According to People, who spoke to the When Calls The Heart star, that bundle of joy will be born on Thanksgiving.

Kate is planning on natural childbirth. Although she is 41-years-old, she insists that “If a woman is fit and healthy, then it is fine to be older when giving birth.”

Fans of Paul Greene know that he is a fitness fanatic. He takes cold showers, eats organic food, and lives an holistic life. Kate, who is studying for her master’s degree in NLP, shares in his love of health. They have two pilates machines and fill their home with laughter.

Pretty soon, they will have more to smile about.

When Calls The Heart Star Has Baby From Previous Marriage

Paul Greene’s new baby boy is not his first. He has a son, Oliver, from his first marriage to Angi Greene Fletcher. Oliver is 17-years-old. It may be hard for his papa to believe it, but Oliver has already graduated from high school. Now, the teenager is pursuing “entrepreneurial adventures.”

Greene told the publication how much he loves fatherhood. “I love being a dad.” Always philosophical, Greene also added how this parent role has changed him. “It teaches me to be kind and patient and is a total learning experience which keeps me young. I was born to be a dad.”

This first time around he admits that he was “into it.” Paul Greene was in the hospital room when Oliver was born. However, Paul and Angi split up when Oliver was only 2 years of age. Yet, the couple managed to work it out and they co-parent. “Angi and I split when he was 2 years old, but since he lives with both of us, I have played a major role in his rearing.”

Now that Oliver will soon be 18, Paul admits that having a new baby will continue to nurture his “inner child.”

Paul Greene Making Major Move

A new baby is not the only major change for this When Calls The Heart star. The native Canadian loves to play beach volleyball with his son Oliver. However, it sounds like he is headed to a whole new place. The family will move to a 3,500-square-foot A-frame vacation cabin on Lake Arrowhead in the San Bernardino Mountains.

As previously reported, Paul and Kate are into living a very holistic life. This setting will help them continue in this manner.


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