Duggar Family STUCK Under TLC’s Thumb, Trapped By ‘Counting On’ Contract

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Those hoping the Duggar family will jump to another network may be in for a bit of a disappointment as they are currently stuck under TLC’s thumb via their Counting On contract. What does this mean exactly? And, how long will this family be chained to a network that pulled the plug on their reality TV series? Keep reading, we’ll explain.

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Duggar family STUCK under TLC’s thumb via their Counting On contract

We previously reported TLC finally made a decision and pulled the plug on the Duggar reality TV series Counting On. But, that does not mean the family is free of the network. Unfortunately, they are still bound by a contract. According to an exclusive report by The Sun, the Duggar family until after the six-month window of their contract expires.

We had previously reported cousin Amy King wondered if the series getting canceled meant she was free to spill juicy Duggar tea all over social media. She jested she would need to speak to a lawyer to figure out what this meant for NDAs. Unfortunately, this recent report from The Sun confirms that the network pulling the plug on the series doesn’t mean that TLC has taken their hooks out of the family just yet.

Amy King Ponders NDA Status Amid ‘Counting On’ Cancellation 

The Sun reminds us it took six weeks after news of Josh Duggar’s arrest broke for the network to make a decision on whether to hold on or let go of the reality TV series. After a lot of outcry from fans, the network decided the Duggar family needed to deal with their current affairs without being in the spotlight of reality TV.

The former TLC family ‘desperate’ to escape TLC

A source close to the family revealed most of the family is “desperate” to get out of the TLC contract. After all, the contract forbids them from signing new deals with other networks that would allow them to keep their TV income flowing. TLC canceling the series means the Duggar family loses out on approximately $850,000 a year in income. So, it makes sense the family would want to rush to sign a deal with someone else.

Now TLC has axed the show, most of the family are desperate to get out of the contracts, they think it’s unfair they can’t move on yet and sign any other deals. They will be doing everything they can to get out of them, and be looking at future projects either on TV or with brands. The contracts also mean the family can’t speak too much about the show, it being canceled, or how Josh’s arrest has affected the family, they have to be very careful.”

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Do you think the Duggar family will sign a deal with another network when this contract expires in six months? Do you think dirty family secrets will come pouring out when this contract expires? Share your thoughts with us in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Duggar family.

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  1. Who will sponsor a show on this family? Is Jim Bob starting his own production company and network? Is Jim Bob getting payment from TLC for the shows on TLC YouTube?
    I don’t want to support any company that gives money that goes toward Josh Duggar defense.

  2. I think everyone wants the Duggar family to go to another station with their show. Sounds to me like TLC wants to cancel the show so they should have to allow the Duggars to do what they want. What other company can fire you but not allow you to start work somewhere else. TLC should just pay them the same as if they were still doing the show. Doesn’t sound legal!!!!

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