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‘Love After Lockup’ Spoilers: WAIT! Doug Cheated On Rachel The Whole Time?

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Rachel and Doug met and got married while he was still behind bars on Love After Lockup. Now, he has been released and they are experiencing life as parents and newlyweds. Unfortunately, Dougie has always had two problems. One is following the law. The other is remaining faithful. It seems he’s already in hot water on both ends. Not only was he arrested in the spring but he has a new girlfriend. Seems Dougie’s wandering eye may have spanned his marriage to Rachel.

A Love After Lockup Romance

Love After Lockup Credit: YouTube
Credit: YouTube

Rachel truly felt she found the one with Dougie. The former marine turned engineer had a penchant for bad boys. However, it never ended well for her. This time, she believed it would be different. Along with a quickie jailhouse marriage ceremony, Rachel took in Dougie’s 12-year-old son, Dougie Jr. Having a felon father and a drug-addicted mother, Rachel was the most stabilizing person in his life.

Just from phone calls prior to his release, Dougie made it clear he was going to put the hammer down as the man of the home. The two did not even make it back to Rachel’s home once he was released. Rather, they stopped at a hotel to consummate the marriage. She was also required to bring him a cooler of booze and bologna.

While meeting Rachel’s mom, Dougie acted loving but he made her mother’s stomach turn. Furthermore, Dougie Jr. called him out for being a womanizer. He also acknowledged how his dad had never been around. Dougie Jr. was very queued into his father but Rachel was determined to make this marriage work. Sadly, this was not to be, no matter how much booze and bologna involved.

Dougie, The Cheater

Love After Lockup Credit: TLC
Credit: TLC

YouTuber According to Amber recently posted a new video where she delved deep into Dougie’s love life behind bars. Apparently, he always liked having women on the outside to chat with, even using his son to text them when he needed stamps. Amber shared a post from Reddit featuring one of Doug’s conquests. She started talking to Dougie around 2019. He painted a very sweet picture of life after lockup with her. Essentially, he wanted to create the same life he did with Rachel. Parole at her home, have babies, and a family.

He was able to convince this particular female to help him obtain a new copy of his missing birth certificate. She claims she located it in Florida and sent it to Dougie’s sister’s home in Kalamazoo. Of course, he was very charming and still called “Reddit girl” up until his release. Yes, up until his wife, Rachel picked him up with the 4 B’s. Both “Reddit girl” and Rachel say Doug was not as demanding and tough in real life. It was a facade for the cameras.

Unfortunately, he became an absconder from the law for tampering with his ankle monitor in the spring. Additionally, Rachel filed for divorce in November, not too long after his release. It was reopened in June. The following month, Dougie showcased a new girlfriend who he has been with since May. Viewers love Rachel and just want the best for her.

Are you surprised Dougie may have been talking to other women while married to Rachel? Let us know in the comments and watch Love After Lockup Fridays on WEtv.


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  1. I am happy that Rachael have custody over Dougie. Maybe he can have a stable loving home. Sorry his dad was like he is. That little boy has been through so much. I’m glad that Rachael was in the dad’s life cause God put her with Dougie. They both need love❤️

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