Wait, What? Does Isabel Roloff Plan To Raise Her Baby In A Van?

Isabel Roloff/Instagram

Isabel Roloff’s excitement over her first baby is contagious. She announced earlier this month that she’s pregnant with her and her husband, Jacob Roloff’s, first child. The mom-to-be opened up her DMs for a question-and-answer session about All Things Baby. Some fans were wondering about raising a baby in a van. Keep reading to see the LPBW alum’s response to that. 

Isabel Roloff Shares Never-Before-Seen Pics of Her Baby Bump

September marks Isabel and Jacob Roloff’s second wedding anniversary. A few months later, they will be a family of three. Isabel is due to give birth to a baby boy in December. She didn’t reveal her pregnancy until she was around five months along. 

So, for five months, she’s been secretly documenting her growing baby bump away from social media. After the official pregnancy announcement, she posted some of the bump progression pictures on her Instagram Stories. Click here to see those adorable BUMPdates.

How else is Isabel Roloff’s pregnancy coming along? She reveals new details during a question-and-answer with fans. 

Answers Questions About Her First Pregnancy, Including Possibility of Twins 

Isabel Roloff is one of the most forthcoming reality stars on social media. She often chats with her fans in DMs or in the comment section on Instagram. The Oregon native recently opened up her DMs for fans to ask anything they wanted. And she was more than happy to answer any pregnancy-related questions.

Credit: Isabel Roloff/Instagram
Credit: Isabel Roloff/Instagram

As fans of the show know, twins run in the Roloff family. Jacob’s brothers, Jeremy and Zach, are twins, though Zach has dwarfism. So, it’s no surprise that a fan wanted to know if Isabel considered that she might be having twins. 

The former LPBW star revealed that twins run in her family, too. She would have welcomed the challenge, but is happy with just one baby, at least for now. Perhaps she might have twins in the future. 

Another follower asked Isabel about morning sickness. Many pregnant women experience morning sickness, though the severity greatly varies. Luckily, Isabel Roloff had only “mild” morning sickness. 

Does she already have a name picked out? Yes, but she’s not sharing it just yet. Prior to finding out the baby’s gender, she and Jacob picked out names for either a boy or a girl. 

Credit: ISabel Roloff/Instagram
Credit: Isabel Roloff/Instagram

Fans Aghast at Idea Isabel Roloff Might Raise Her Baby in a Van

One of the more intriguing questions from fans involved Jacob and Isabel’s van life. A follower asked Isabel how a baby might impact the “van life” she and her husband have been living. However, Isabel cleared up some of the “confusion” on the issue. 

She and Jacob haven’t been living that “van life” for quite some time, especially during the pandemic. However, they do plan to travel with the baby eventually. 

Credit: ISabel Roloff/Instagram
Credit: Isabel Roloff/Instagram

In fact, they no longer live in the van. They live in a house located in Bend, Oregon. 

Did you know that Jacob and Isabel left that van life for a more traditional home? 

Isabel Roloff will likely keep fans updated as her pregnancy progresses. Bookmark Tv Shows Ace so you don’t miss any news on the Roloff baby boom. (Audrey Roloff is expecting her third child.)

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