Wait, Are Amelia And Delilah Hamlin Extreme Sisters?!

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Amelia and Delilah Hamlin may be extreme sisters. It all started when Amelia showed some serious skin in sheer lingerie. The supermodel loves to show it off on Instagram. She makes headlines every time she posts a new look.

Recently, she showed off her incredible body in her latest loot. Amelia has been partnering with all kinds of fashion brands lately. Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin’s star continues to climb. However, it’s not her hot look that has fans talking. It’s her bizarre relationship with her sister.

Amelia Hamlin rolls around in semi-sheer lingerie

On Thursday, July 22, Amelia Hamlin posted a series of new photos via her Instagram feed. In the first photo, she wore a hot pink cropped cardigan with a high-waisted semi-sheer thong. She took off the cardigan to show off her semi-sheer lingerie set that featured embroidered floral details and pink piping. In the second photo, she made sure to show off her chest and taut tummy.

But in the last photo, she slipped her hot pink cardigan back on. She gave the camera her signature model look. In the caption, she tagged Boux Avenue for the lingerie set. The brand prides itself on offering “Empowering Lingerie and more” in its Instagram bio. They create sexy designs that flatter every woman’s shape and personal style.

[Credit: Amelia Hamlin/Instagram]
[Credit: Amelia Hamlin/Instagram]
Amelia has shown off the brand’s lingerie on social media before. Her latest post received over 23,000 likes. Even Boux Avenue showed their appreciation with a series of fire emojis. Some fans praised the model for her incredible body. However, there were some who were tired of the constant lingerie photos.

Delilah Hamlin makes a bizarre request

Delilah Hamlin’s comment baffled fans. She told Amelia Hamlin that she would like to borrow that lingerie set sometime. “I’d like to borrow this,” she casually commented, to which fans wondered if the two are extreme sisters. Some are familiar with the TLC show that follows sisters who do everything and share everything together.

“I have two sisters and we would never but to each their own,” one fan wrote to which Delilah responded, “it’s a sister thing.” A third fan asked in shock, “you want to borrow her lingerie?” Some are hoping that Delilah meant she wanted to borrow Amelia’s cardigan.

[Credit: Amelia Hamlin/Instagram]
[Credit: Amelia Hamlin/Instagram]

Lisa Rinna’s daughter hit with trolls

Trolls couldn’t help but fire back at Amelia Hamlin. It didn’t take them long to attack her from everything for her pose to her relationship with Scott Disick. “U give the same look,” one user wrote. “Same expression every time u took photos.”

“I feel you’re trying to out do [sic] Kourtney [Kardashian],” another added. “She will always be number 1 in scotts [sic] eyes.”

[Credit: Amelia Hamlin/Instagram]
[Credit: Amelia Hamlin/Instagram]
One user noted that while they’re in their 30s, they noticed that Amelia started posting more lingerie photos after she started dating Scott. They also argued that some girls have photos like this leaked onto the internet. That user didn’t find anything empowering about these particular photos. Another called Amelia “trashy.”

What are your thoughts on her latest Instagram post? Do you agree that Amelia Hamlin posts too many lingerie photos? How do you feel about her relationship with Delilah? Sound off below in the comments.

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