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Clay Harbor Defends Andrew’s Choice To Leave ‘The Bachelorette’

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Clay Harbor is proud of how his cousin Andrew Spencer handled himself. Katie Thurston didn’t give Andrew a rose but it was hard for her. The next day Andrew surprised her and popped up saying he wanted their last moments together to be happy.

He also passed her a note saying, “If you change your mind … I’ll be waiting.” This made Katie chase him down and offer to have him stay. Andrew politely declined and confused half of Bachelor nation. He told her he wanted to feel chosen by the person he loves.

Clay Harbor Weighed In On His Choice

Clay Harbor talked about where he thought Andrew’s head was at during that scene. According to US Weekly, he said, “you got to realize that he just got his heart broken. And in that setting, you know, you want someone to pick you and there are still four guys left.” Clay said If he went back and got his heart broken again it would be even worse. He said, “I think he did the right thing in leaving and saying, you know, ‘If this doesn’t work out for you, like, let’s talk and see if this can be something that could happen.’” Clay himself confirmed on Twitter he was saying if she found herself single after the show, he’d be waiting.

Fans loved Andrew and are already lobbying for him to be the next Bachelor. One said, “yes pls the next BACHELOR! Andrew is amazing, genuine, kind, loving & handsome!” Another said, “Ugh, he deserves the world!! Someone will be SO damn lucky someday!” Several fans revealed the breakup was too hard for them to watch. They spent the night crying.

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Katie Addressed The Situation As Well

Like Clay Harbor, Katie wanted to also speak out about the break-up on social media. She hasn’t been shy pushing back on fan’s opinions but she knew they’d be upset. She posted, “Auto Reply: This is where I hide from Twitter now. See you in 2-3 business days. #TheBachelorette.” Clay said he thinks it could have been different. “[If she said], ‘No, I want to be with you and only you,’ then I think that’s when he would have obviously left with her and been with her. But I think he handled it perfectly in my opinion.”

Clay posted a picture of the two of them. He said, “proud of ya cousin! You wear your heart on your sleeve and are always 100% authentically yourself. You will find that lucky lady soon!

How do you feel about Andrew deciding not to stay? Who is your favorite out of the final four? Do you wish you could have seen Blake’s picture uncensored? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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