Roloff Rift Over? Isabel & Jacob’s Pregnancy Brings Family Together

Little People Big World - Jacob Roloff - Isabel Roloff

LPBW fans think the Roloff family rift might be coming to an end as Isabel and Jacob’s pregnancy appears to have brought the family together.

In case you missed the news, it was just last night that Isabel and Jacob Roloff broke the news they were expecting a baby. The lovebirds revealed they were bringing a baby boy into the world. And, their due date was just a month after Audrey and Jeremy are welcoming their baby into the world. Unlike Isabel and Jacob, Audrey and Jeremy have opted out of revealing the gender of their baby. With two grandbabies on the way, grandparents Amy and Matt Roloff are understandably thrilled.

Little People Big World Isabel and Jacob Roloff
Isabel Roloff Instagram

There was tension when Audrey and Jeremy announced their pregnancy

There was some tension within the Roloff family when Audrey and Jeremy announced their pregnancy. LPBW fans knew Tori and Zach Roloff suffered a miscarriage recently. So, it is a bit of an awkward situation for fans and family members to be sad for Tori and happy for Audrey at the same time.

Many Little People, Big World fans suspected Tori Roloff was bitter about Audrey’s pregnancy. The duo seems to clash pretty frequently. There is also the fact that Tori and Zach seem to spend all of their free time with Matt Roloff. While Audrey and Jeremy Roloff seem to spend more time with Amy Roloff. Both the show and their Instagram activities paint a bit of a divide within the family.

Little  People Big World - Tori - Zach - Audrey Jeremy Roloffs
Audrey and Tori Roloff Instagrams

Isabel and Jacob Roloff’s pregnancy may bring the family together

Jacob Roloff is known for having some pretty strong opinions. He’s also seemingly got into it with several members of the family on Instagram. But, Isabel and Jacob have never appeared to be on one side or the other when it comes to the divide in the family. The duo mostly keeps to themselves. But, they appear to spend roughly the same amount of time with each member of the family.

A deep dive into Isabel and Jacob’s pregnancy announcement reveals that every member of the Roloff family including Tori, Jeremy, Matt, Amy, and Caryn have all commented and reacted to the Instagram news. So, this Roloff pregnancy may just be what is needed to fix the rift in the family.

Jeremy Roloff - Isabel Roloff Instagram
Jeremy Roloff – Isabel Roloff Instagram

Do you think the coming Roloff babies will fix the rift in the family? Are you excited Isabel and Jacob are expecting their first child? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Roloff family.

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