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Matt Roloff Shuts Down Accusations Of Being Rich, What’s His Net Worth?

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Matt Roloff shut down a fan’s recent accusation that he was rich. But, the conversation caused some LPBW fans to wonder. What is Matt Roloff’s net worth these days? Fans of the TLC personality know COVID-19 tossed a wrench in plans and income streams for Roloff Farms during this past year. So, what does Matt Roloff’s 2021 net worth look like?

Matt Roloff’s 2021 net worth revealed and explained

Now, we reported on Matt Roloff’s 2021 net worth just last month. Turns out, the LPBW star is worth a pretty shocking amount of money. According to our recent report, Matt Roloff’s 2021 net worth is estimated to be $6 million. Interestingly enough, our recent report confirms Amy Roloff is also worth roughly the same amount of money.

Matt Roloff Instagram
Matt Roloff Instagram

TLC star shuts down accusations of people rich

One Instagram follower recently accused Matt Roloff of being extremely rich. This accusation came in Matt’s recent post about the latest construction happening on the property. “Major project.. 5 years in the making!” Matt announced in an Instagram post containing a video of the latest construction project.

He continued to explain: “This is not my dream house.. it’s my dream barn / garage.”

One LPBW fan had a hard time seeing past dollar signs to appreciate the project currently in the works. The individual noted that Matt Roloff must be a billionaire to complete projects such as this. The individual added #canthidemoney to the end of the comment.

Now, the Little People, Big World star appeared to be a little offended. He was quick to shut down the accusation that he was filthy rich. In fact, he noted the individual clearly didn’t pay that much attention to his posts.

“Not even close…you must not have watched the video… I’m cutting most of my own wood by trading mill time for logs.” Matt Roloff fired back as he shut down the accusation.

Matt Roloff Instagram
Matt Roloff Instagram

So, is Matt Roloff rich?

Whether or not Matt Roloff is rich really depends on what you consider to be rich. Based on his net worth, he wasn’t lying when he shut down the accusation of him being a billionaire. But, he is worth a pretty substantial amount of money.

Do you consider Matt Roloff to be rich? Are you surprised he got offended by the fan’s accusation? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back to TvShowsAce for the latest on the Roloff family.

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