‘Manifest’ Uncancelled?! NBC & Netflix Reconsider Season 4 

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Sci-Fi thriller drama Manifest isn’t out for the count just yet as NBC and Netflix about it being uncancelled and renewed for Season 4. This news comes about a month after NBC broke the hearts of Manifest fans with the decision to pull the plug on the series after just three seasons. Part of the reason why this cancellation was such a huge blow to fans was that Season 3 ended on a pretty big cliffhanger with fans no closer to answers regarding what happened to the passengers of 828.

Initially, fans of the series turned to Netflix begging the streaming service to consider renewing the series for a fourth season. At the very least, fans should be given some closure and a real ending. As we’ve also previously reported, the creator of the show explained that he already had six seasons of the series planned out. So, it was a huge blow for him too when the series got cancelled after three seasons.

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Netflix, unfortunately, dealt another heartbreaking blow when they revealed to fans they weren’t interested in picking the series up. It, however, sounds as if something has changed. Netflix and NBC are in talks once more. Manifest might be uncancelled and renewed for Season 4.

Manifest Uncancelled? Renewed For Season 4?!

According to DeadlineNetflix and NBC are in talks together about the possibility of Manifest being uncancelled and renewed for Season 4. So, there might be some sort of mutually beneficial arrangement made between the network and the streaming service.

This exciting news is no doubt a case of deja vu for fans of shows such as LuciferTimeless, and The Killing. Fans of Manifest who are also Netflix subscribers have been doing their parts to watch and re-watch the series to help keep it in the “Top 10” slots on the streaming giant since it was cancelled back last month. In fact, the series as pretty much held a “Top 10” slot since it arrived in the streaming library.

Shows dropping into Netflix’s library also present a unique opportunity to expand the fanbase of the series. The creator of Shameless, for example, discussed during multiple interviews how adding the series to Netflix easily doubled the fanbase of the series.

Manifest YouTube NBC

Manifest showrunner Jeff Rake has promised fans to find financing for a two-hour finale movie to give fans some closure if the series is not uncancelled and renewed for a fourth season.

Would you like to see this series get uncancelled and renewed for Season 4? Do you hope it gets all six seasons the creator had originally planned? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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