Josh Duggar Prohibited By Court From Seeing His Sister Jessa’s New Baby

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Josh Duggar has strict restrictions in place banning him from meeting his sister Jessa Duggar Seewald’s new baby. Radar Online reports that under no circumstance is Josh permitted to be around his sister’s new baby.

It was happy news for the rest of the Duggar family with Jessa and her husband, Ben Seewald, announcing the arrival of their fourth child. Jessa shared her happy news on her Instagram account, posting a photo of her cradling her new baby in the hospital.

Jessa captions the photo, “Baby Seewald #4 has arrived!” Jessa’s sister Jill was first to comment on the new family arrival, writing, “Congrats, sis! So happy for y’all!!” However, big brother Josh Duggar did not comment. Why? Because at this time, Josh is forbidden from accessing the internet. Josh Duggar’s recent troubles began earlier this year when he was arrested on federal child pornography charges following a lengthy investigation.

 Judge Orders Strict Rules For Josh Duggar Until Trial

Allegedly, Josh’s computer, among other incriminating evidence, has been confiscated as evidence, as well as, his cell phone. The court documents reveal text messages and additional information on the former TLC star’s phone that is aiding with the investigation.

While Josh is currently out on bond, he is not living at home with his wife, Anna, and family. Josh is steering clear of his home per the judge’s orders. He is now living with church friends of his parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. The judge is laying down the law. Per court order, Josh Duggar is not to have any form of contact with minors, which includes siblings and family members. The judge, however, does allow visitation with his children with proper supervision.

Josh Duggar’s trial will begin on November 30. The delay will allow his legal team time to review all the evidence against him.
The judge agrees to push the trial date by only a couple of months, however is refusing to delay the case until early next year.

Josh Duggar’s Wife Anna Duggar  Considering Divorce?

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Rumors have been circulating that Anna Duggar is considering divorce. However, according to Screen Rant, a source close to the Duggar family reveals Anna wants to keep the family, and divorce is the last resort at this time.

Anna Duggar is dealing with a lot of stress for the time being. Josh’s arrest and uncertainty of his future weighing Anna’s mind. Not to mention the already mother of six is also pregnant with the couple’s 7th baby. The baby is due late this fall.

It is a difficult and embarrassing time for the entire Duggar family. There are a lot of emotions, opinions, and fallout among the family members.  There will be a lot for the family to overcome, both past and present issues. They have each suffered over the years due to Josh.

If found guilty, Josh Duggar will face 20 years in prison and massive fines per count.

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