The Mystery Behind Erika Jayne’s Mascara-Stained Tears

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Erika Jayne has people wondering what kind of mascara she uses. The glamorous reality star usually can keep it together. That wasn’t the case during a previous episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She couldn’t help but break down and cry when she went for a walk with co-star Kyle Richards.

It reportedly costs $40,000 per month to become Erika Jayne. Or so, it used to since the television star is in the middle of a major embezzlement case. Regardless, Erika had a glamour squad who taught her everything she knows about makeup and beauty. Erika’s ugly cry and mascara tears have everyone wondering if she’s acting.

Tom Girardi’s former employee speaks out

Per Us Weekly, Tom Girardi’s ex-employee Kim Archie slammed Erika Jayne’s crying scene. Kim also appeared in Hulu’s documentary, The Housewife and the Hustler. She’s been watching Season 11 of RHOBH and wants to know what Erika Jayne is thinking. She has a feeling that the Bravo star brushed up on her acting skills before filming.

As fans know, Erika starred on Broadway. She got her big break in her role as Roxy Hart in Chicago. Unfortunately, her estranged husband, Thomas Girardi, wasn’t as supportive behind the scenes. In her confessional interview, Erika recalled that he would ask her, “Who do you think you are?” He also didn’t fly out to see her perform before the show shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic.

[Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]
Fans also wondered about Erika’s acting skills. They found it odd that she didn’t waterproof mascara. The former legal consultant at Girardi Keese shared her thoughts on the “Juicy Scoop” podcast. She couldn’t hold back on the infamous scene.

“There’s been waterproof mascara since 1938 – before we were all born – so I’m sure she could get waterproof mascara,” Kim said. “She likes big sunglasses. There are scenes that somebody posted where she’s inside with sunglasses. So she’s sitting in bright sunlight with non-waterproof mascara, you know, just sobbing.”

Host Heather McDonald noted that it would be “natural” for someone to wipe their tears while crying. She noticed that Erika just sat there as her mascara-stained tears dripped down her face. Both Kim and Heather wondered if Erika took acting classes even though she attended art school in Atlanta. During that scene, Erika insisted that her divorce is not a scam.

Camille Grammer also shades Erika Jayne

Camille Grammer also wondered about Erika Jayne’s crying scene. She’s still closely watching The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. On Thursday, July 15, she took to Twitter to wonder if Erika Jayne is only doing it for the attention. A fan said that Camille should’ve been there to yell, “Shut it down!!”

“We filmed in the Bahamas Season 9 and we were all swimming in the water,” Camille responded. “I don’t remember seeing EJ’s mascara run after swimming underwater. Just saying.”

Some fans agreed with the former housewife. Meanwhile, others argued that Camille is just jealous that she’s no longer on the show. They called her out for targeting Erika during a difficult time in her life. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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