Pregnant Robyn Brown Popping Out Baby To Save ‘Sister Wives’?!

Sister Wives Robyn Brown Youtube

Rumors Robyn and Kody Brown might be pregnant with his 19th child have begun to swirl. The duo really went back and forth with whether they actually wanted to have another baby last season. So much so that this hasn’t been the first time rumors of Robyn Brown being pregnant have made rounds on social media.

That being said, Sister Wives fans really aren’t convinced Robyn Brown wants another baby as much as her husband Kody does. In fact, if she is pregnant, fans suspect she’s popping out another baby for all the wrong reasons.

Robyn Brown pregnant rumors swirl

Rumors Robyn Brown might be pregnant have been swirling in fan groups for the last few days. As we previously reported, there was someone going around fan groups claiming to have been around Robyn and Kody. The individual noted she overheard them discussing their new baby. The individual claimed they were VERY excited to bring another child into the world.

That being said, this rumor is something that should be taken as a grain of salt. There is no way for fans to truly know if this person actually ran into Robyn and Kody in person. That is why Robyn Brown being pregnant is nothing more than a rumor at this point in time.

Sister Wives Kody Meri Christine janelle Youtube
Sister Wives Youtube

If she is, fans believe it is for all the wrong reasons

Now, if rumors of Robyn Brown’s pregnancy turn out to be true… Sister Wives fans are convinced this pregnancy is happening for all the wrong reasons. They suspect Robyn Brown doesn’t really want to have any additional children. She’s just the only wife Kody has that is still capable of doing so.

Sister Wives fans agreed the last few seasons of the series have been incredibly boring. So much so that they think TLC should consider canceling the show instead of continuing to move forward with it. That being said, this would change drastically if Robyn Brown was pregnant. Another baby being born within the family would give the series a reason to continue.

So, some fans wonder if Robyn Brown would pop out another baby just to keep that TLC money flowing.

Without A Crystal Ball - Sister Wives Instagram
Without A Crystal Ball Instagram

Now, Sister Wives fans also believe Kody Brown wants this baby far more than Robyn does. Is Robyn Brown having another baby just to keep her husband close to her and away from his other wives? Fans certainly agree that Kody would feel more obligated to spend time with Robyn if she’s giving birth to another child of his.

So, do you think these rumors could be true? Are Robyn and Kody Brown pregnant? And, if she is, do you think she’s popping out a baby for all the wrong reasons? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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  1. No matter what Robin says, Kody wanted a younger wife. He refused to have another child with Meri but has had all these kids with Robin that had to have hurt Meri badly. He is currently living with Robin and ignoring the other wives. I think this fantasy has come to an end, the older wives are being pushed out and Kody is no longer in charge and he doesn’t like that one bit. Why not trade them in for a younger model who will obey him. I was very interested when he wanted to move to Arizona and the wives were talking about how many times and how many places he forced them to move and they were all tired of the moves. Life as he knows it is over.

  2. Oh my good. More Kids. Why why why. Robin is the only wife he cares about.
    She is so stupid.and kode is a bad man. He dont care about his otter wifes.meri and Janelle shouldl leave him.he is an ass . Robin is an cry baby.cries so she can get things her way

    1. this is not true…it is just a repeated rumor to get people to click on it. It is called click bait for a reason…lol! Lat that date above…July 2021. Obviously she would have already had the baby by now!

  3. The whole show is awful, Janelle and Meri should leave. Cody is a big jerk. We all know Robin is the favorite, they deserve each other….

      1. I think his money train has pretty much left the station. What job did he have b4 this show. Like he said on the interview. The only thing he is afraid of…is being poor. To say he is a Godly man…ahhh where’s the faith. Humm

    1. Kody needs alot more counseling so he can find out how to treat his wives.Hes a very poor example of what a man should be.Hes a very mentally.abousive man.He is neglectful of the needs of his wives and children.No true love

  4. Kody has most definitely lost his childrens and 3 of the wives respect. So glad Christine moved on. Still trying to figure out why Meri is still hanging on. I can tell you that if I loved the man after 30 yrs but he no longer is in love with me and just friends, he isn’t going to change. She is wasting her life. She could have met Mr Wonderful and the two could be living their best life. Meri is never going to have his heart. He only wants Robin and that will change when she won’t give him any more babies. Wake up Meri and Janelle. Kody doesn’t deserve either one of you. You girls could go out there find that man that will love you for you and only you. You only get one life. Use it.

    1. I don’t know what to do 30years is a long time but she needs to move on the asshold don’t want you he how a little bit of pride move on

  5. Well I don’t vi don’t know why Kody and Meri couldnt have had more children, but it must be physical, because I believe Meri would have had them. Getting to Robyn, shes a complainer and wants people to feel sorry for her and I guess that one she played off, shes 1st wife now. In my opinion of Jennell and Christin. Like them both. The pair n Meri n Robyn have worked together n raising a bunch of kids together. It’s a shame Kody is ruining all their lives by being a selfish person and wants his way.

  6. Should this rumor be actually true, this nitwit will now be in league with the Duggar’s! Billy Bob kept it up until Daisy May pert near died! Now we got the Kotex Bob and he could not keep it zipped either! These fundamentalist morons will do anything to collect another check on us! I wonder which of Kotex’s kiddos will find a girlfriend while singing church songs and peelin taters!

    1. It is just a repeated rumor to get people to click on it. It is called click bait for a reason…lol. Seems like the rag mags all play that same theme around April fools day thought….and look at that date above…July 2021. If it was true, she would have already had the baby no later than February, 2022…and it would have made headlines in all the rag mags!

  7. Why the hell does he want another baby when he don’t even take care of the kids that hes already got? He’s a sorry good for nothing loser n he don’t deserve any more kids! He needs to LOVE the ones he’s got, not just Robins kids but ALL his kids!!!!

  8. I wish meri and janelle would leave that ass kody.take ther Money with Them
    So can cry baby Robin get him for her self
    That has ben her plan from Day one.
    I would never be with a man like him.he is so stupid and disrecpektful.

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