Maddie Brown Brush Gets Relatable About Cooking & Groceries

Sister Wives Maddie Brown

Sister Wives Maddie Brown recently shares that she and her husband, Caleb have made a big purchase. Now, she makes another relatable post about cooking and groceries. While living in the public eye, it can be hard for fans to remember that Maddie and her family are just like them. Keep reading to find out more about Maddie’s relatable post about cooking and groceries.

Sister Wives Maddie Brown makes a big purchase

Last week, Maddie Brown Brush takes to Instagram to share some exciting news about her family. From the looks of the caption, there may have been a time when she wasn’t sure if they were staying in North Carolina or not. However, that has clearly changed.

While there aren’t any clues about where Maddie and her family would consider living besides North Carolina, there is plenty of evidence that points to the fact that they love living in North Carolina. For example, Maddie regularly posts photos of the kids doing fun activities. Recently, Maddie and the kids spend a day picking strawberries. Not only that, but it seems like they routinely go to the beach.

Sister Wives Maddie Brown cooking and groceries
Instagram Maddie Brown Brush

The mom of two shares a relatable post about groceries and cooking on her Instagram Story

In the photo, Maddie, Caleb, and the kids are standing in front of a beautiful home holding a sign that reads, “We said ‘yes’ to the address.” In the caption, Maddie writes, “Well North Carolina, it looks like we are staying! đź’› Feeling so blessed and excited!” Notably, fans are excited for the family, and can’t wait to see how Maddie decorates her new home.


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Next, in a recent Instagram Story post, Maddie shares something more relatable than purchasing a home. The photo is a quote and a lot of people likely feel the same way.

I swear the me who busy the groceries and the me who actually cook the meals are two entirely different people.”

At the bottom, Maddie adds “The TRUTH!” with a cry-laughing emoji. It makes sense that someone would feel like a different person during these two events. Surely, buying groceries is more fun, while cooking the meals is not. Assumably, cooking for a family of four is a lot of work. Especially when two of the mouths being fed are young children. Conversely, there are people that like to cook so this wouldn’t be applicable to them.

Sister Wives Maddie Brown Cooking & Groceries
Instagram Maddie Brown Brush

What do you think about Maddie Brown and her relatable post about groceries and cooking? Let us know in the comment section below. Make sure to come back to TV Shows Ace for more Sister Wives news.

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