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Jenelle Evans List Reasons Why She Claims ‘I Can’t Work’


Jenelle Evans claims she is having a difficult time these days due to her ever-growing health crisis. The former Teen Mom reveals she is so sick that she “can’t work.” Evans, 29, took to YouTube telling her followers that her health issues are getting so bad that she can barely function anymore.

Evans states that she suffers constantly. Jenelle then goes into detail describing her symptoms. She says she is suffering from anxiety. I feel like I have heart palpitations and am nauseous and have to lay back down.

“I don’t know what’s going on with me. But it’s taking everything in my power just to edit videos and look at the computer screen. I do social media for work,” she says. 

Jenelle Evans Major Health Crisis Affecting Her Daily Life

The mother of three claims she has vision issues, causing her to feel the need to wear an eye patch. Her sweat glands are out of control she is always nauseous. To top it all off, she has a rare spinal disorder called syringomyelia.

That seems like a lot for such a young woman. However, some of Jenelle Evans’ followers are having a hard time believing she is so sick. Here is why. Jenelle claims she is nauseous continuously, but that has not stopped her from knocking back a lot of tall cold ones.

Jenelle is so weak that working on her computer for even the littlest bit sends her straight to bed. Wonder just how long she must rest after exerting all of that energy dancing on TikTok? 

How will she support her family?

 To many, it appears that Jenelle Evans may only be looking for sympathy. Making excuses for why she can’t work to make herself feel better. Good questions are being asked about why Jenelle is always driving while hubby David Eason rides shotgun? 

It is not known for sure if Jenelle Evans is as sick as she claims. Or perhaps she is a hypochondriac. Maybe she is looking to get as many medical diagnoses as possible documented hoping to secure a disability check.

However, the Teen Mom 2 alum does have a long track record of not exactly telling the truth. Over the years, she has accused husband David Eason of physically attacking her, all the strange things that have happened to her animals over the years. These are just a couple that comes to mind.

When Jenelle Evans first claims they all were true, then slowly, she changes details, backtracking on her original claims.

If anything, we can say that Jenelle Evans does attempt to keep her life full of drama and for now, it continues to draw in viewers for her current but challenging social media job. 


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