‘Below Deck Med’: Lexi Wilson Claims Malia White Is Doing Damage Control

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Below Deck Med Season 6 newbie Lexi Wilson thinks that Malia White’s nice behavior is transparent. The two shared a tender moment during Monday’s night episode. Now that Lexi knows what happened during Season 5, she thinks Malia’s actions were coming from damage control. The bosun comforted the third stew when she shared the news of her father’s passing.

Malia comforted her during that vulnerable moment in her bunk. Lexi doesn’t feel that Malia was only trying to improve her image. She has a feeling that the reality star only wants to repair her damaged reputation. Malia helped get Hannah Ferrier fired during Season 5 of Below Deck Mediterranean.

Lexi Wilson questions Malia White’s authenticity

Malia White appeared to be nice to Lexi Wilson during that moment. The moment seemed sincere, even among Below Deck Med fans. Some of them took to Twitter to joke that they almost forgot about what she did in the previous season. Lexi took to her Intagram Story to share her thoughts on that scene.

“I felt like Malia was pretending to care about me losing my dad,” she wrote. “I didn’t feel like it was genuine to me! It felt like she was pretending to care/comfort me to be in good graces or damage control/pr attempt for her reputation on social media!”

[Credit: Malia White/instagram]
[Credit: Malia White/instagram]
Lexi took note of the backlash against Malia. Fans blamed Malia for taking part in Hannah’s firing. As they know, she went behind Hannah’s back and took a photo of her prescription Valium and CBD pen. She sent that photo to Captain Sandy Yawn, who fired Hannah on the spot.

In her message, Lexi told her fans that she won’t answer any more questions. She’s waiting until Episode 5 breaths of air on Bravo. She warned her fans not to believe everything that they see on the show and on social media. The sneak peek for the next episode shows Lexi at odds with the crew members. She also gets into an argument with Malia and Mzi “Zee” Dempers.

Did Lexi quit Below Deck Med?

On Monday night’s episode of Below Deck Med, Lexi shared her burn list with Malia. So far, her time on the show hasn’t been off to a great start. Now that she shared her burn list, fans think she won’t stay on the show for long. Previously, fans were calling for Malia’s firing.

[Credit: Lexi Wilson/Instagram]
[Credit: Lexi Wilson/Instagram]
Now it looks like they’re more annoyed with Lexi’s behavior. The beauty pageant contestant claims she hasn’t gotten a good edit on the show. With her ongoing fights with Chef Mathew Schea, Chief Stew Katie Flood, and bosun Malia White, fans think she’ll be off the show for good. In the next episode, the former Miss Bahama reveals that she’s “leaving the boat,” leading to the rumors she quits.

Below Deck Med airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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