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Amber Portwood Reveals The Positive Life Changes She Is Making

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Amber Portwood may be finally getting her life on the right track. Amber reveals via Instagram that her life is going great at this time, according to The Heavy.

The Teen Mom Og star reveals what she has been up to since her drama with her ex-Gary Shirley. Amber claims she has moved on with her life. Instead, she has been spending her time studying for her degree at Purdue University. Amber Portwood is full of positivity. Which is great news considering how down she has been in the past.

Amber Portwood is loving life these days

 “We may not be able to change our past but we can definitely change our future!” she wrote via Instagram. “Proud Student at #PurdueUniversityGlobal sending love Let’s try and have a good day and be proud you are trying to be a better you!”

Portwood is excelling in school, revealing she earned a 3.7 GPA during her first semester. She claims in the beginning, she doubted herself, but all the uplifting support she has been receiving has boosted her confidence. Not only has Amber Portwood been working on her education, she has also been working on herself physically. She has been eating and living a healthier lifestyle.

Amber realizes she has only just begun as far as college goes, but keeping her positivity high will help her stay motivated and possibly motivate others.

“It might take me eight years, and that scares the crap out of me to get where I really want to be, but it’s going to be for the better,” Amber Portwood finished. “So just listen to yourself and keep moving.”

How are things going between Amber and Gary now?

When we last saw the former couple on the Teen Mom OG Reunion, it wasn’t good. Things became very heated when Amber blamed Gary’s wife, Kristina, for coming between their parenting relationship.

Portwood feels Kristina did everything to get in the way of having a good relationship with her daughter Leah. Amber stormed off, but not before telling Gary she hopes they will have a good relationship again one day. However, it will never happen between her and Kristina.

Many Teen Mom OG fans are happy for Amber and love seeing that she is evolving and moving ahead in life. Hopefully, Amber can rebuild her relationships with both Leah and Gary. In the end, it will be in their daughter’s best interest.

Leah, 12, will soon be approaching those difficult teen years. It is a time when a girl needs the advice and guidance of her mother and father. Maybe seeing how her mom is turning her life around will help Leah realize that there is always a bright future out there for those who want it despite her mom’s past issues.

Fans can only wish the best for a successful life for Amber Portwood.


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