Jim Bob Duggar Snubbed By Nearly Entire Family — Including Michelle 

Counting On Jim Bob Duggar Youtube

Jim Bob Duggar was snubbed by nearly his entire family over the weekend. This even included his wife Michelle Duggar. Turns out, Sunday was Jim Bob Duggar’s birthday. He turned 56 on July 18th. As we previously reported, there was just one member of the Duggar family tree that took time to wish him happy birthday on his special day. The rest of the family? Well, they couldn’t even be bothered to pay tribute on Instagram Stories.

Michelle Duggar even snubbed her husband Jim Bob in a different way

Now, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar share an Instagram account. Technically, Michelle Duggar did reshare Jed Duggar’s birthday tribute on their share account. But, she did not add anything to it. More importantly, she didn’t take to Instagram to pen a beautiful and mushy tribute to her husband on his special day.

Counting On Michelle Duggar Youtube
Counting On Michelle Duggar Youtube

Do these two typically pay tribute to each other on special days?

Roughly 73 weeks ago, Jim Bob Duggar took to Instagram to pay tribute to his wife on their anniversary. He thanked his best friend for marrying him 35 years ago. In September of 2019, Jim Bob took to Instagram to pay tribute to his beautiful wife on her birthday.

The couple also makes a habit of paying tribute to their children and grandchildren on birthdays and other special milestones. Two years ago, Michelle did take to Instagram to wish her husband a happy birthday.

“Happy Birthday, Jim Bob! So thankful for your kindness, love, grace, and care for each of us! You are a fantastic dad and grandpa. Enjoy your full head of hair as the years continue to unfold!” She penned in her sweet tribute from two years ago.

Counting On Jim Bob Duggar Instagram
Counting On Jim Bob Duggar Instagram

Are birthday tributes something Jim Bob Duggar’s children normally do?

Last year, Jana Duggar did take to Instagram to pen a beautiful and long tribute to her mother Michelle on her special day. She also took to Instagram to wish her father a happy father’s day. In November of last year, Jana penned a sweet tribute to her father for seemingly no reason.

“Enjoying some of the sights while on the East Coast. Even though it’s a work trip, it’s always fun getting to spend time with one of my best friends who I’m also honored to call my dad! Love you, Pops!” Jana wrote in her Instagram post.

Michelle duggar Josie Duggar Instagram
Duggar Family Instagram

Is Josh Duggar the reason he’s being snubbed?

There is a strong possibility Josh Duggar is the reason Jim Bob is being snubbed by his children on his special day this year. Fans have noticed many members of the family have dialed back how much time they spend on social media. There are many theories as to why they are doing this. But, Josh Duggar is the biggest reason blamed for it.

There is a small possibility some members of the family are mad at Jim Bob because of his ongoing feud with the Caldwell family. As we previously reported, Jim Bob is the reason Kendra and her husband Joseph Duggar are presently unable to live in their newly built house. So, it isn’t too surprising that Kendra and Joe would snub Jim Bob.

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  1. I think Mr. Duggar is the reason for all of his sons sexual problems ! Constantly having sex and having one child after another believing to have constant sex is a must ! He is a controlling freak ! He has his children believ women must obey like a dog . And I do believe it is his fault for showing inappropriate dealings with his wife

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