Fans Worry About Newest Busby Addition: Is Jealousy An Issue?

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The Busby family recently added a new addition, and some fans are wondering if jealousy will be an issue. Adam and Danielle Busby already admit they have an issue with any of their children getting one-on-one attention. Adam discussed how precious the one-on-one time he got with Hazel was recently.

Does the couple really have the time or energy to add and care for another member of the family? More importantly, fans are also deeply concerned about Beaux. He’s been the baby boy of the family for a while now. And, he’s been their only pet.

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Newest Busby addition as fans worried: Jealousy an issue?

Adam Busby uploaded a 10-minute video on YouTube where he talked about the newest addition to the family. Turns out, Danielle fell in love with a puppy recently. Initially, they were not going to get the puppy. But, Danielle admitted she could not sleep because she was up all night thinking about the little guy. She fell in love with him. So, Adam decided to go scoop him up for his family. They decided to name the little guy Gus. Turns out, he’s been with the family for a few weeks now as they adjust.

While most fans thought he was adorable and loved seeing the newest addition to the family… Others were concerned. Would jealousy be an issue? Adam and Danielle did note in the 10-minute video it would be an adjustment for Beaux. They told the girls they would have to help give Beaux a lot of love so he didn’t feel like he was being replaced by a new dog.

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Will sharing be an issue?

There are also some¬†OutDaughtered¬†fans who wonder if sharing will be an issue. After all, there are six girls and one puppy. When Blayke and Hazel got to meet the puppy… Fans noticed Blayke was quick to hog the little guy. And, she wasn’t too interested in sharing with her little sisters. Danielle actually had to pry the pup from Blayke’s arms so Hazel could meet the newest addition to the Busby family. It wasn’t long, however, before Blayke scooped him up once again.

Blayke and her mother also got into it a little bit when Blayke claimed the pup as her dog. Danielle shut it down saying Gus was her dog. Blayke, however, doubled down and argued that wasn’t fair because Danielle already had Beaux.

Could sharing and jealousy be issues with the newest addition to the Busby family? Some fans seem to think so. The question is: What do you think? Share your thoughts with us in the comments down below.

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