Randy Fenoli of Say Yes to the Dress with his mother, Jeannette

Who Is ‘Say Yes To The Dress’ Star Randy Fenoli’s Heroic Mom?

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The latest season of the TLC reality show, Say Yes to the Dress debuted on Saturday, July 17. As the Season 20 premiere neared, fans were keen to know more about their favorite bridal dress designer, Randy Fenoli. They wanted to know what he had been up to since the finale of the last season and also about his family. It turns out Randy’s mom will soon turn 98 and has quite a history.

Randy Fenoli of Say Yes to the Dress

Apart from revealing his design and people skills, Randy Fenoli, 57, of Say Yes to the Dress keeps a relatively low profile. However, he is active on Instagram and has posed for several images with his mother, Jeanette Fenoli.

Randy Fenoli's mother Jeanette Fenoli honored for her work in WW2
Randy Fenoli’s mother Jeanette Fenoli honored for her work in WW2 [Image @randyfenoli/Instagram]
It turns out Jeanette is 97 years of age and is a WW2 veteran who worked as an army nurse. Randy shared an image of himself and his mom and in his caption, he noted that she was recently honored. Readers can see how gorgeous she was back in the day in the image below.

Randy Fenoli of Say Yes to the Dress' mother, Jeannette
Randy Fenoli of Say Yes to the Dress’ mother, Jeannette [Image @randyfenoli/Instagram]
She and 11 other female WW2 war veterans were recently honored for their work during the war. Randy mentioned that the eldest was Dorothy, who is 99 years old. Fenoli mentioned what an incredible honor it was for our women in the military.

Jeanette Fenoli had a difficult year

However, it hasn’t been all celebrations for Jeanette recently. In May this year, Randy revealed that his mom has had a difficult time of it recently. She has suffered breast cancer, a mastectomy and 25 treatments of radiation. Jeanette has also suffered a broken leg, loss of a kidney, colon cancer surgery, replacing six teeth and a bad staph infection.

Randy Fenoli and Jeanette Fenoli celebrate Mother's Day
Randy Fenoli and Jeanette Fenoli celebrate Mother’s Day [Image @randyfenoli/Instagram]
However, in his post, Randy revealed that his mom is now heading for 98 years of age and is in good health. Jeanette certainly looks radiant in the image, where she is celebrating Mother’s Day with a beautiful orchid.

About the Say Yes to the Dress star’s family

It turns out his mom is the only family member Randy posts about on Instagram. However, while not much is known of his family, it is known that he grew up in a family of six siblings. The family grew up on a Mid-Western farm and it turns out life wasn’t always easy for them. While his father’s identity is unknown, he was reportedly an abusive man.

Meanwhile, Randy revealed that his love for designing started when he was a child. His fascination with dresses started when he was only nine years of age. Fenoli revealed at one stage that he would often use the family’s sewing machine to bring his designs to life.

Season 20 of Say Yes to the Dress airs on TLC on Saturdays and promises spectacular weddings and plenty of drama. Tune in to see gorgeous dresses and so much more.

Readers, what do you think about Randy’s mother, Jeanette? Isn’t she incredible? Leave a note in the comment section below.

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  1. Randy ,
    God bless your Mom, she is so bless to have a talent , wonderful son like you .
    I watch say “YES “ to the dress and hopefully one day my daughter will married , her name is Michelle M Sabater a cancer breast survivor, almost 5 years has passing and she’s doing so good. She lives in Honolulu in has a boyfriend now.
    Told her that I will buy her wedding dress
    design by you.
    Many blessings
    Anna M Fonseca

  2. Randy, It’s been a long time since I saw you or your mother. I was friends with your sister, Linda. We were friends from third grade at Rome Grade School until we graduated high school at Woodlawn. The last time I saw her was New Years Eve at the Top of the First in 1971 to celebrate the New Year 1972. I hope you and your mother are doing well. My granddaughters and I started watching Say Yes to the Dress when it first aired on T.V. My granddaughter, Abby, is attending, The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City and recently sent me a picture of you at FIT. She would love to meet you someday. Her name is Abigail Weiss. Wish I had more space to tell you more, Benita Peddicord

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