Why ‘Love Island USA’ Fans Want Jeremy Hershberg OUT Of The Villa

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Love Island USA fans don’t Jeremy Hershberg. They’re promising to vote him off the show. The hunky islander initially made an impression during the show’s season premiere. That quickly changed once they got to know him.

At first, fans didn’t like Jeremy’s personality – or lack thereof. They thought he was a little dry when he first coupled up with Trina Njoroge and now Aimee Flores. Now, they don’t really like him with the way he’s treating the gorgeous Aimee. It doesn’t seem like Jeremy is interested in anyone, and doesn’t even seem interested in finding other connections in the villa.

Jeremy Hershberg went from hot to cold

Aimee Flores caught Jeremy’s attention when she showed up at the Love Island USA villa. She was happy to find out that he was interested in her as well. Aimee was so attracted to Jeremy that she ended up kissing him on their first date. This led him to couple up with her.

Since their coupling, it seems like Aimee is working hard to make things work. Since then, Jeremy lost interest in the stunner and fans can’t figure it out. The same thing happened when he first coupled up with Trina. Love Island USA fans think he’s not putting any effort in his relationships.

The fitness trainer thinks they’re in an open relationship. As for Aimee, she wants to remain committed to Jeremy. Little does she know, she’s getting friend-zoned. As the classic hip-hop song goes, Jeremy only considers Aimee just a friend.

[Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]
Jeremy told Florita Diaz that he wants to explore other connections within the villa. He made it clear that he and Aimee are just friends. These men don’t understand that women will talk about them behind their black. Florita reiterated what she heard Jeremy say.

Understandably, Aimee was in shock over the revelation. In the preview for Sunday night’s episode, she breaks down and wonders why Jeremy is with her. Javonny Vega does not hold back and calls Jeremy “fake” during his green room confessional. It looks like this quiet stud is causing a lot of drama.

Love Island USA want Jeremy off the show

Love Island USA fans have had enough of Jeremy. They don’t understand why he’s still on the show. They’re also confused as to why these women are attracted to them. Some of them are already plotting to free Aimee from Jeremy as soon as they can.

It looks like it could happen. During Sunday night’s episode, America can choose who she can go on a date next with one of the two new islanders. Here are just some of the tweets burning up social media:

  • “Sorry YALL I gotta save Aimee from the shackles of Jeremy and Shannon was for fun.”
  • “I just hope Aimee gets voted to go on a date with the two new boys tbh cuz that knockoff tarzan fivehead looking a** boi Jeremy ain’t s**t!”
  • “Please vote Aimee for another date. Free Aimee from Jeremy. Jeremy need to go.”
  • “Jeremy is gonna leave the next re-coupling but my girl Aimee can’t be crying over this dry a** bread.”
  • “Aimee is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen, IMAGINE having the audacity that wonder bread Jeremy has, IMAGINE.”

Fans are holding out hope that they can save Aimee. Jeremy may not last in the villa if they have any say. Love Island USA airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET on CBS. You can also stream new episodes on Paramount+.

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