Lifetime’s ‘Labor Of Lies’ Is A Baby Stealing Thriller

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Imagine, befriending another pregnant mother, only to later learn that she is the one that stole your baby? This is the latest Lifetime thriller, Labor of Lies. This movie stars Gina Vitori (9-1-1, Surrounded), Jenna Michno (The Perfect Wedding Match, Hot for My Name), and Jonathan Stoddard (Deceived By My Mother-In-Law, The Beauty Of Love).

Here is what we know about this latest cautionary tale from Lifetime’s Don’t Mess With A Mother series.

What Is Lifetime’s Labor Of Lies About?

According to the Lifetime synopsis, First-time expectant mother Lara (Vitori) meets a “bump buddy” online. However, the other pregnant woman, Jamie (Michno), hides a devastating secret. That secret brings in the unthinkable. Now, Lara has some very shady and dangerous characters around.

Subsequently, after Lara gives birth, her baby is stolen. She is determined to get her baby back from this frightening baby stealer. However, the criminal better beware. Because you never want to mess with a mother!

Originally, this movie was called Baby Stealer.

Crazy First Day Of Filming Lifetime Movie

When Lifetime makes a movie, it takes about three weeks. That means you have to bond with your co-stars pretty quickly. So imagine needing to fake give birth on your very first day on set? That is, in addition to the stringent Covid protocols? Well, Gina Vitori did! At the end of filming, Gina went to Instagram to share her experience working on Labor Of Lies.

That’s a WRAP! Or this post can otherwise be labeled, ‘Masks & Bumps!’ Biggest thanks to my fellow hooligans who made this one just oh so fun, despite having to watch me ‘give birth’ on DAY 1 of filming. I’m BEYOND fortunate to get work during Covid, and we had 3 weeks smooth sailing because of the amazing cast and crew. Onto the next, friendos! #thatsawrap #bts  #behindthescenes  #makingmovies  #lifetime  #lmn  #film #onset #filmingduringcovid #actress #actorlife #masks #pregnant #babymovie #babybump #grateful #lifeisstillgood”

In addition, Jenna Michno just gave birth to her bundle of joy. On Instagram, she shared that her baby Reed Timothy Christy was born on June 8, 2021. So, she was pregnant with her baby boy when they were filming this Lifetime movie back in March. They filmed the entire movie in the Los Angeles area.

When Can You Watch The Premiere Of Labor Of Lies?

The premiere of Lifetime’s Labor Of Lies is on Sunday, July 18, at 8 p.m. Eastern, on the Lifetime Channel.

Lifetime’s Summer Of Santas Continues

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