‘OutDaughtered’ Danielle Busby Prepping Girls For A ‘Masked Singer’ Debut?

Danielle Busby/Instagram

Danielle Busby jumped back into her mom role after spending some much-needed girl time with her friends. She happily shared the antics of two of her daughters, leaving fans guessing which one was under the mask — er, robe. See the photos that gave off The Masked Singer: Busby Edition vibes. 

Danielle Busby Resumes Parenting Schedule 

Everyone needs a break! Danielle Busby took some time away from her daughters to hang out with girlfriends in Chicago. She left her husband, Adam, to hold down the fort. By all accounts, he did a good job, but mama does best!

Upon her return from vacation, the OutDaughtered mom jumped right back into taking some of the girls to their summer activities and having a lunch date with another daughter. Danielle Busby took 10-year-old Blayke to lunch while the quints went to dance camp. 

Credit: Danielle Busby/Instagram
Credit: Danielle Busby/Instagram

Two Busby Girls Hide Faces

In another post on her Instagram, Danielle shared that she bought the girls new robes. According to mom, the girls absolutely love them. In fact, Danielle thought she’d have some fun with her followers. 

She posted a photo of two of the girls wearing the colorful robes, complete with unicorn hoods. With their heads down, the photo doesn’t reveal which of the Busby daughters are wearing the robes. In the caption, Danielle encouraged her followers to guess – without any hints – which girls were behind the robes. 

Did OutDaughtered Fans Guess Correctly? 

In the next slide, the hoods were pulled up, revealing which of the quints were in the unicorn robe. If you guessed Hazel and Lulu (Olivia,) you’re right! How did OutDaughtered fans do in guessing which quints were in the first photo?

Danielle Busby/Instagram
Danielle Busby/Instagram

Many of Danielle’s followers didn’t guess at all. Rather, they left heart emojis instead. But some did wager a guess. Some of the guesses include: 

One fan pointed out that Parker Busby was in the background of the reveal photo. 

As you can tell from the comments, OutDaughtered fans still can’t tell twins Olivia and Ava apart. Were you able to correctly guess which quint was in the unicorn robe without any hints? Share your thoughts on this adorable photo in the comments below. 

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