Hallmark’s ‘Sealed With A Kiss: Wedding March 6’ Is Franchise’s Final Installment

Hallmark's Sealed With A Kiss Wedding March 6, Photo: Josie Bissett, Jack Wagner Credit: ©2021 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: David Astorga

Hallmark fans that love the Wedding March movie series have spent five movies waiting for Mick and Olivia to exchange vows. Will the sixth movie be the charm? We will soon learn in Sealed With A Kiss: Wedding March 6. This movie stars former Melrose Place co-stars Jack Wagner (When Calls The HeartGeneral Hospital), and Josie Bissett (Paper Angels, Deadly Vows). In addition, Caitlin Stryker (Clarice, A Million Little Things), and Nathan Witte (Batwoman, Charmed) star.

What do we know about the sixth installment of The Wedding March franchise?

What Is Hallmark’s Sealed With A Kiss: Wedding March 6 About?

According to the Hallmark press release, low-key celebrities Curt (Witte) and Autumn (Stryker) are getting married at the Willow Lake Inn. Autumn is a well-known children’s book author, while Curt is an actor whose fame is rising fast.

However, they want intimacy, and Mick (Wagner) and Olivia’s (Bissett) inn will be perfect for them. They want cozy and warm, instead of glitzy and ostentatious. But, there is a last-minute glitch in their low-key plans. A film crew shows up to interview Curt about his upcoming movie.

Unfortunately, juicy celebrity tea like this doesn’t stay secret for long. Pretty soon, this low-key wedding becomes a paparazzi minefield. Although Mick and Olivia “pivot” to make this more to Autumn’s liking, she now has cold feet. Could this quiet children’s author survive these sorts of disruptions the rest of her married life? Will Curt’s celebrity destroy her life and love?

Now, Curt and Autumn have to work together. They need to talk. Moreover, they need to anticipate how their lives will forever change. Can they be good life partners? What is best for their relationship?

Unfortunately, Mick and Olivia are going through a sort of crossroads. Although they are ready to say “I do,” Mick gets the opportunity of a lifetime. Moreover, Olivia is not letting him say no. This is a touring opportunity that he has always dreamed of. She is not stopping his dreams.

Will Mick and Olivia postpone their nuptials? Or could something change so that everyone gets what they want?

This Is The Final Installment Of The Wedding March Franchise

According to Hallmark, this Summer Nights movie is the final installment of the Wedding March franchise. Six movies are pretty amazing. Fans should expect a lot of excitement in this final movie.

Will Jack Wagner Pen A Song For This Hallmark Film?

If Mick and Olivia are finally getting married in this last installment of this Hallmark franchise, fans may expect something pretty special. How about an original song penned by Jack Wagner? Wagner’s character Mick is a musician. It would make all the sense in the world for him to pen a very special song to his beloved Olivia.

There is one hint that this is possible. Although the preview video has not yet been released, the photos from this movie are available. Most importantly, Wagner is playing the guitar in one of those very photos. It would not be out of the question for Mick to write and perform a very special love song!

When Can You Watch Hallmark’s Sealed With A Kiss: Wedding March 6?

The premiere of Hallmark’s Sealed With A Kiss: Wedding March 6 is on Saturday, August 14, at 9 p.m. Eastern. Encore showings include Sunday, August 15, at noon, Thursday, August 19, at 8 p.m., and Saturday, August 28, at 5 p.m., all times Eastern.

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