Jessa Seewald SLAMMED For Latest Video Of Daughter Ivy

Jessa Seewald Instagram

On social media, former Counting On star Jessa Seewald often shares pictures and videos of her three children, Spurgeon, 5, Henry, 4, and Ivy, 2. Because she’s in the public eye, she gets her fair share of criticism from both fans and haters. She recently shared a seemingly harmless video of her daughter Ivy, but she got lots of negative comments in return.

Jessa Seewald IG
Jessa Seewald IG

Jessa Seewald faces backlash over new video

On YouTube, Jessa uploaded a video of Ivy as the mom and daughter went out on a little date and enjoyed some quality time together. In an Instagram post, Jessa promoted the video, writing, “When you take the 2-year-old on a lunch date… 🤍”

While some fans think the video is cute, critics over on Reddit have an issue with the video. They don’t like how Jessa interacts with her kids when filming YouTube videos.

One user writes, “I was kinda uncomfortable with Jessa trying to force Ivy to talk about the baby when she was clearly just wanting to be a 2 year old and talk about whatever. Like yeah talking to little kids about having a baby sibling is normal but forcing it on them all the time could cause issues.”

Another user points out that Jessa’s voice doesn’t sound genuine when she’s talking to her kids. In the past, there have been concerns about her mental health because of her voice. Someone else chimes in, “In the video the way she speaks sounds hollow and forced, and her rapport with ivy feels so incredibly ingenuine. When she asks her to thank the lord for the food it feels like she’s only doing it because she knows she’s on camera.”

On Reddit, many users have been discussing Jessa’s YouTube channel and whether it will survive with “boring” content. She seems to be pursuing YouTube after the cancelation of Counting On. 

Duggar fans amazed by Ivy’s speech

Not all of the comments about Jessa’s newest upload are negative. Several fans commented on how well Ivy is speaking just a couple of months after her second birthday. Previously, Jessa’s son Henry, 4, had speech delays. Throughout the family’s journey, she shared updates about his progress, and a meeting with their speech therapist was featured on Counting On. 

So, have you watched Jessa Seewald’s latest vlog? What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments below.

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You can watch Jessa’s latest video here.

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  1. I dont think there was anything wrong with the video. some people are just not happy unless they are putting someone else down. I think Jessa is a wonderful mother.

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