Janelle Brown Defends Kody’s Honor After Fan Makes ‘Rude’ Assumption 

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Janelle Brown and Kody’s other wives don’t usually rush to defend his honor on social media. But, everyone has a breaking point. And, Janelle Brown recently reached hers after one of her followers made what she considered a “rude” assumption about her relationship with her husband.

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One follower ‘disturbed’ Kody allows Janelle to live in a camper

One Sister Wives fan admitted they were “disturbed” Kody Brown allowed his wife Janelle to live in a camper. The individual clarified they understood that living in an RV on the land was Janelle’s decision. But, they can’t believe it is something Kody Brown supports. As Sister Wives fans know, Janelle Brown recently confirmed Kody Brown has spent time with her at the RV with a picture on her Instagram Stories. This, in turn, confirmed Kody is at least somewhat supportive of this decision.

The “disturbed” fan continued to pen in their lengthy comment: “There is no way in hell I would let things get to the point where my wife would have to live out of a camper. Even if she said it is fine I would feel awful. I mean if it was for a week that is one thing but to live like that?”

You are strong I am sure and will make it through just fine but you shouldn’t have to live like that with such a ‘close family’. Where’s all your other wives? You guys are so confusing. Spent all these years on tv fighting and preaching how your lifestyle was so great and full of love but you have to know we can tell yall dislike each other. Now you are basically homeless. I get that it is comfortable for you but it really looks bad from the outside.”

Now, this comment blasting Kody and the decision to live in an RV has been liked nearly 300 times. So, it was clear this wasn’t the only Sister Wives fan who felt this way. Janelle, however, was INFURIATED by this comment.

Janelle Brown Instagram
Janelle Brown Instagram

Janelle Brown claps back, defends her husband’s honor

This very opinionated comment has also received over 300 replies. So, while it is a little buried if you are viewing Instagram on a desktop, Janelle Brown did reply to this comment. She was FURIOUS. Annoyed that anyone would think she was the kind of person that couldn’t make decisions on her own. Janelle Brown made it clear Kody Brown did not “allow” or “not allow” her to do things. She was her own person. And, she made decisions for herself.

My husband didn’t do anything. I chose this. I’m shocked that you think I’m some sort of meek mild person that can be told to do anything that I don’t agree to. I’m sorry you are so short sighted and want to make rude comments from behind your keyboard.”

Janelle’s fire back at this critical follower has been liked nearly 3,000 times. Many responded to the comment praising her for firing back at the Instagram trolls. Others, however, noted the person who left the comment did not deserve her attention.

Are you surprised to see Janelle Brown fire back at someone in defense of her husband? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Brown family.


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