Hallmark’s ‘A Christmas Treasure’ Stars Jordin Sparks, Kicks Off Countdown To Christmas

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As Hallmark holiday movie fans enjoy Christmas In July, many are wondering about Countdown To Christmas 2021. The network has already announced the movie that they will kick off the season. That is the movie A Christmas Treasure, starring Jordin Sparks (Sparkle, American Idol Season 6 Winner), and Michael Xavier (Christmas Comes Twice, The Expanse).

Here is all that we know about the 2021 Countdown To Christmas kickoff movie.

Hallmark’s A Christmas Treasure Kicks Off Countdown To Christmas 2020

Ready for some Christmas movie news? Jordin Sparks and Michael Xavier have just filmed Hallmark’s A Christmas Treasure. According to TVLine, this movie will kick off the 2021 Countdown to Christmas lineup. Moreover, Sparks will also executive produce this movie.

Last month, the movie was filmed in Abbotsford, British Columbia, and is already completed.

What Is Hallmark’s A Christmas Treasure About?

Is there any information on the storyline of Hallmark’s A Christmas Treasure? We know that Lou (Sparks), is from a small town, Pine Grove, contemplating a big move to New York. There may have been some Christmas magic, when she finds her grandfather’s journal, in a 100-year-old time capsule.

Subsequently, Lou is now questioning her decision to move to the big city and pursue her writing career, or whether she should stay in her small town and continue her family-run local newspaper.

Complicating things is Kyle (Xavier), a very “charming” chef who is in Pine Grove for the holidays. Turns out, Christmas magic may be working overtime, helping both find their way in their careers and love.

Will Jordin Sparks Sing In Hallmark’s A Christmas Treasure?

Fans of the multi-talented Jordin Sparks may want to know whether she will be signing in Hallmark’s A Christmas Treasure. Absolutely! According to Deadline, Jordin will be singing two classic Christmas numbers.  That includes “This Christmas,” as well as on the piano, “Oh Holy Night.”

Fans of Jordin’s original work will be happy to know that one of her original songs, “Oh, It’s Christmas,” will be featured in the movie. This song is taken from the 2020 Christmas album Cider & Hennessy.

Moreover, Jordan is thrilled to have her music part of this project. “Christmas is so special to me and I’m thrilled that I get to share this festive movie with you all this year.” She then may have revealed Hallmark’s new catchphrase, “Home is Where the Heart is,” when she shared her exuberance for being part of this movie.

“I loved being able to perform some of my favorite Christmas melodies, one for the first time, as part of the movie. Joining the Hallmark family is a dream come true! I know people are going to fall in love with Lou and our story that truly represents the phrase, ‘Home is Where the Heart is.'”

When Will A Christmas Treasure Premiere?

Has Hallmark revealed a premiere date for A Christmas Treasure? Not yet. We know it will kick off the 2021 Countdown to Christmas. Generally, that starts sometime in October. However, that is assuming that Hallmark is releasing 40 movies again. Moreover, it would also mean that they would not be tweaking with the Christmas movie premiere broadcast schedule that they have used the past couple of years.

However, Hallmark is currently in the midst of Christmas in July. Best of all, they released a great new holiday movie, Crashing Through The Snow. This stars Amy Acker (Person Of InterestA Nutcracker Christmas), Warren Christie (If I Only Had ChristmasBatwoman), Kristian Bruun (Orphan Black, A Shoe Addict’s Christmas), and Brooke Nevin (Jingle Around The Clock, The Christmas Market). Don’t miss it.

Stay tuned for the premiere date of Hallmark’s A Christmas Treasure, starring Jordin Sparks and Michael Xavier.


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