‘Leverage: Redemption’ Season 2: Canceled Or Renewed?!

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Presently, only half of the IMDb TV Original titled Leverage: Redemption is available for streaming, but many already want to know if the series is canceled or renewed for Season 2. For those who aren’t familiar, the series is a reboot of Leverage which aired on TNT from 2008 to 2012. The series had a five-season stint before coming to an end. Fast forward nearly a decade later, the series was rebooted as an IMDb TV Original.

With the exception of Timothy Hutton, the entire cast returned for the reboot. While some fans of the original Leverage were disappointed Nate Ford was written off the show… There wasn’t another option for the writers given the actor’s personal situation.

As those who have binged through the first half of Leverage: Redemption already know, the reboot did an incredible job of having the same vibe as the original. After all, who doesn’t love hearing Eliot yell Hardison’s name every time he gets annoyed?!

The question remains… Did they reboot Leverage just to tease the original fan base? Will Leverage: Redemption be renewed or canceled for Season 2?

‘Leverage’ Reboot: Why Didn’t Timothy Hutton Return As Nate Ford?

Leverage: Redemption Season 2 — Renewed Or Canceled?

According to Fansided, we have both good and bad news to report on whether Leverage: Redemption was canceled or renewed for Season 2. The good news? If you binged through all eight episodes on IMDb TV, you have NOT watched all of Season 1. Presently only Part 1 of Leverage: Redemption Season 1 is available. There is a part two. And, it is expected to be available a little later this year. So, you won’t have to wait too long to check it out.

On the bad news front, there is no information on Leverage: Redemption Season 2. The silver lining is the reboot has not been canceled just yet. It just hasn’t been renewed either.

Leverage Redemption YouTube Season 2

Now, it is far too early to tell how the series reboot is performing. But, it does have a huge fanbase with viewers who were thrilled to reconnect with this incredible cast. Already having an established following that they can continue to grow… It would make sense for IMDb TV to renew for a Season 2. It really just depends on what the cast currently has going on and how well the series performed.

Do you think Leverage: Redemption will be canceled or renewed for Season 2? What have you thought about the reboot so far? Share your thoughts with us in the comments down below. And, keep coming back to TvShowsAce for the latest on streaming service news.

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  1. Leverage Redemption MUST MUST MUST continue!!!! It’s the best of both worlds, old & new & so much to love & laugh at. Please keep it going!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  2. Leverage is one of my favorite series. I’ve watched the complete series of Leverage more than 10 times. And I’ve watched the complete first part of Leverahe Redemption. And I was so happy to see Noah added to the family. And happy to see new castembers as well. But I’d like to know, are we loosing Hardison as well as Nate Fors? I noticed he left pretty early in the season of Leverage Redemption. I feel he needs to come back at least as cameos. I enjoy the gla playing his sister through foster homes. Nut reallyiss him and interactions if the rest of the crew.

    1. Aldis Hodge had other commitments and it was not possible for him to be available for every episode of Leverage Redemption. However, we got lucky, because Mr. Hodge was able to at least show up within the framework of the show. I loved the fact that he and Parker were still an item. And, the young lady who played Hardison’s sister was absolutely golden … love her! And, yes, I love Noah, too … but I am sorry that Tim Hutton was written out of the show. It was unfortunate not to have Tim Hutton not included, but, at the same time, it was fortunate to have two new actors join the show.

  3. Loved the first incarnation of this series & I love this reboot as well. They need to continue this series. They need to show hardison and Parker kiss and quit teasing about their relationship. I hope they continue the show!

    1. I really enjoyed it.It brought back great memories. I hope it gets renewed there’s so much you can do with it. Please renew it.

  4. Need it to continue. One of the better shows of it’s time before and again now. Really enjoy cast relationships with each other. Gina Bellman and I just shared a birthday on July 10th. I won’t give you my year but it is somewhat before hers. Happy belated B-day and hope you have many more and continued success.

  5. I loved the original leverage and I can’t get enough of redemption please continue to make it.

  6. LOVED Leverage and absolutely love this series more!! Please keep it going, big fan of all the characters
    all episodes were just outstanding and Noah Wyle is a great addition just waiting for more!!!

  7. Please,Please,Please renew for a few seasons to come!!!😁👍
    I totally have enjoyed watching what is available!! I actually watched Redemption first!!😂
    I haven’t ever done this before….but I Really want to keep watching these characters work together!!!

  8. I hope it’s RENEWED for several seasons! It’s a great show! The past few years have been very difficult! We need more Good Guy stories! This cast has terrific chemistry together!

  9. So happy with the reboot. The original was cancelled way too early. Was afraid that the reboot would not live up to the original, but it does live up to the high standards of the original. This is just the type of entertainment we all need in these challenging, dark times. Keep episodes coming! This team could be running cons for years and we would all be better off for it!

  10. Totally love Leverage:Redemption. It was always one of my favorite shows and the new one does not disappoint. Hopefully we can have 5 years of this one.

  11. We need Leverage Redemption to continue. It is a great show and we have been waiting so long. Miss Nate but Noah has done a great job of adding his expertise to the cons. Glad Aldis will be on more in the back half as him and Christian play off each other so well though Beth and Christian have their thing I never tire of. Breanna does a good job as a hacker and we are learning more about her.

  12. Been watching Leverage here in Scotland. The ‘original’ series, streamed via Amazon, is great fun. It is engaging, funny, the scripts putting together serious and slapstick in good measure. Was terribly disappointed when I discovered it had been shut down, but delighted, for once, the studio had closed the series in a sensible way – rather than just cut it dead.
    The new series of Leverage: Redemption I approached a little uncertainly. Just how would the re-boot work? Was delighted to discover all the previous cast – excluding Mr Hutton – and the addition of Ms Shannon and Mr Wyle bring a fresh humour and drama to the series. With Mr Hodge away with other commitments, Ms Shannon is enough not like her ‘brother’ to be a fully realised character in her own right.
    Leverage is not, never will be, high drama or Shakespeare in the Round – it is, however, entertaining, engaging and has brought audience members, like me and my friends, characters we root for and cheer along.
    So, from my corner of Scotland, on behalf of my friends and I – MORE PLEASE!

  13. I stumbled onto this show by accident! It reminds me of the original Mission:Impossible with Peter Graves only a 21st century twist and updated. But the concept is still the same. I flew through the 5 seasons and Redemption quickly. Then I bought the 5 seasons on DVD. Yes Redemption is different without mastermind Nathan Ford. But Sophie did a great job bringing the show and characters together. PLEASE CONTINUE THIS SHOW FOR SEASON 2. I am a new fan and there has to be more of us out here wanting more seasons and episodes.

  14. Soms.eone said this show is like mission impossible, thats not 100% correct. It’s more like a cross between mission impossible and the A-Team. Think about it Sophie is like face, Eillot is B.A. And Parker is Murdock. But with nate not in the reboot Sophie is playing the role of mastermind. But I love both shows and will continue to watch as long as they keep making season

  15. Great series a worthy sucessor to the original, but lay off the WOKE stuff which ruins many a potentially great Canadian TV series.

  16. Good show, but it needs Nate Ford. I enjoyed the first half season, but kept expecting Nate to come through the door. Noah Wylie is doing his best, but just cannot take the place of Timothy Hutton. Now that the “personal problem” is behind him, Hollywood can surely find a way to bring him back from the dead.

  17. Everyone loves this show.
    The dynamic created by this group of actors, in these roles, is always entertaining and makes you feel good to watch.
    Friends of mine throughout the country started texting me as soon as they heard that Leverage was coming back.
    Everyone I know is excited and wants more. I want more. Please keep this show going- PLEASE !!

  18. We just went through the first season of the L:redemption re-boot. Not to be disrespectful of the first iteration, but this series almost is better. Hope the cast returns for the second season and beyond.

  19. My family and I have been fans of the original series and thoroughly enjoyed Redemption. It’s escapism when we needed the most and the characters have aged well. It was also great to see cameos from the original series (how about Tara Cole and Captain Bonnano in future episodes?). Where do I vote YES to renew this series?

  20. I sure would like to see it continue for 3 or 4 more seasons. It’s a very entertaining and the characters and actors that play them are excellent.

  21. I have watched all 16 episodes & I love it.Eliot is my favorite but I’m so glad to have the rest of the cast back. As most of us Leverage fans, I do miss Timmothy Hutton but Noah Wyle is doing a great job. Please give us a season 2, 3, etc.

  22. The cast of Leaverage Redemption did a great job. I did not miss Tim Hutton the drunk with glass of whiskey in one hand but i did miss Aldis Hodge.I hope there will be a second,third and fourth season of Leaverage.Well done Dean Devlin keep up the good work.I also hope more seasons of Almost Paradise are on the table.

  23. I began watching but am now a little turned off; seems Wokeness has entered; why, why ruin a perfectly good start, white man bad, people of color good. Obvious reference to Trump being a Nazi. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to find more productive things to do with my time.

  24. I love everything Leverage! Please give us more Redemption, more and more seasons please! I love these characters and am a littl3 obsessed with Christian Kane. There should have been much more Almost Paradise. He is a wonderful actor. I don’t know why directors aren’t putting him in everything!!

  25. I enjoyed receiving a new episode of Leverage Redemption Season 2 every Wednesday on Freevee. However, there have been no more episodes after January 25th. Why is this?

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