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‘Young & Restless’ Michael Mealor Breaks Silence On Kyle Abbott’s Exit

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Two weeks ago we first reported Michael Mealor was planning to exit The Young and the RestlessY&R viewers loved knowing this meant Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) and Summer Newman (Hunter King) could be together. But, it would be disappointing to see this couple exit.

Just yesterday, Michael Mealor took to Instagram to break his silence and issue a statement on his character Kyle Abbott’s exit from Y&R. Curious what he had to say in his official statement? Keep reading.

Rumors of Michael Mealor and Hunter King’s exits from Y&R swirled for weeks

Rumors of Michael Mealor and Hunter King exiting Young & Restless have been swirling for a few weeks. Unfortunately, according to Soaps in Depth, it appears as if there was a stall in renewing their contracts. Unsurprisingly, both Hunter and Michael had nothing to say about the rumors.

YR michael mealor and Hunter King Instagram
YR Michael Mealor and Hunter King Instagram

The actor confirms his exit, issues a statement

Just a little over a day ago, however, Michael Mealor broke his silence. He issued a statement on both Instagram and Twitter. His statement confirmed he was leaving Young & Restless.

“In true Chanccomm fashion, Uncle Billy broke the news first… time as we know it on The Young and the Restless is coming to a close.” He penned at the beginning of his statement on Instagram.

The last three and a half years has been a truly humbling and life changing experience. I wouldn’t have been here this long without the love and support y’all have shown me throughout every inch of this ride!”

He concluded: “Thank you @youngandrestlesscbs, @cbstv and @sony for trusting me with this incredible character. Thank you for allowing me to be your Kyle Abbott. So much love to each and every one of you!”

Hunter King has yet to speak out or confirm her exit from The Young and the Restless. But, Y&R viewers know her character has already been written out of the story.

Are you bummed to see Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) and Summer Newman (Hunter King) exit The Young and the Restless? What did you think of Michael Mealor’s official statement on Instagram? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back to TvShowsAce for the latest on Y&R.

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  1. What in the world is happening to this show. I’m really sad about Summer and Kyle.I hope at least he wishes up about that witch Tara.I wish it was Sally that was gone.

  2. Like I wrote earlier I’m about done with young and restless writers have no clue in what there doing I have watch this since I was a lil girl with my grandmother and y’all all are getting rid of all the
    Main people not the same no more I’m going to find something else to watch

  3. Please make it right with Summer and Kyle that is a very interesting part of the show.Both are very good at what they do.Need to get rid of Sally,Tara.

  4. I love Y & R I’ve been watching the show for 30 years. Get rid of Tara & Sally the 2 trouble makers. The show won’t be the same once they leave.I was so excited to see Summer in Italy with her grandparents.I’m pretty sure that was her last episode.I’m glad Kyle overheard Tara & Sally conversation. Please renew there contracts.

  5. Summer & Kyle are good actors.Look over there contracts and do something for them.I’m sure the ratings for Y & R are gonna drop.

  6. I love Kyle and Hunter. I hope they don’t leave. This is the reason I have been watching. My Mom watched Y and R since it started. Yes wish Salley was leaving instead.

  7. Why do y’all allow good actors, and storylines to fade off? Unless Y&R will get a new Kyle, and Summer. Who knows anymore? Listen to your viewers Y&R.

  8. Y&R writers have lost their collective minds. The show is so chaotic any more. The story line has been chopped into fast moving snippets. Main characters leaving and returning on a whim. Writer’s slow your roll. Keep your main characters, develop a slower moving story line. Let the viewers enjoy the ride, not resent it.

  9. The story lines are getting really silly . But what really bugs me is the Grand Phoenix’s lobby, the lady in the green dress, and how come there are not ever anyone in the lobby.

  10. The writers have sucked. I have no issue with Kyle and Summer leaving because they were boring. The writing needs to get better.

  11. Leave Sally she brings excitement to the show. Get rid of Phylis she’s terrible to watch. But bring in someone to be abbys husband that story line is awful.

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