‘When Calls The Heart’ Season 9: Cast Shares Pre-Production Photos

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Hearties, are you getting excited for When Calls The Heart Season 9? Well, the cast is. They have been sharing behind-the-scenes selfies, giving us some insights into their pre-production preparation for the upcoming season.

What do we know about the upcoming season of Hallmark’s most popular series?

When Does When Calls The Heart Season 9 Start Filming?

Although it feels like Hearties just found out who Elizabeth picked, it is already time for When Calls The Heart Season 9 to start filming soon. According to Brian Bird, the series co-creator, it will be soon. According to his Twitter post, they will begin filming the Hallmark series on Wednesday, July 21.

However, there is a lot of preparation and pre-production work that needs to be accomplished before that first scene is filmed. The cast is in Hope Valley, doing costume fittings. That includes Pascale Hutton (Rosemary), Ava Grace Cooper (Opal), and Christian Michael Cooper (Timmy). Andrea Brooks (Faith) and Johannah Newmarch (Molly), who are sharing selfies, in their masks, as they prepare for the new season.

In addition, Erin Krakow shared her yearly selfie. She wrote, “See you soon Hope Valley!”

Where Do They Film When Calls The Heart?

When Calls The Heart is filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia. The Canadian town where Hope Valley is located is called Langley, or MacInnes Farms. The 95-acre set is called the Jamestown movie set. This will be the home of the cast and crew for the upcoming months.

Hearties should follow the Jamestown movie set’s Instagram account. This offers a lot of insights into the show. For example, they recently posted about the Hope Valley Church. They shared, “Here’s a little known Jamestown fact for you! Did you know that the church was originally the ‘third’ row house? It was moved and renovated to be made to look like an original church building!”

Director Peter Deluise has been on set since July 1. On his Instagram, he shares BTS information on how the set looks before the crew transforms it into the familiar Hope Valley spots. For example, he has photographed the Mercantile, in its bare state. He also shared the latest Queen of Hearts menu. Another fun fact is that the fruit and vegetable stand changes produce based on the season.

WCTH Filming Is Early Again

For Hearties that may remember previous years, this is indeed a bit early for filming When Calls The Heart. Last year, when the world was locked down for the pandemic, the Hallmark series was one of the first to start filming after everything was shut down.

They began filming in late July to take advantage of the good Vancouver weather. Due to the pandemic, they filmed as much as they could outside. All cast and crew were to work in pods. Everyone has to wear masks. This meant fewer classroom scenes. However, this allowed them to put out a full season’s worth of episodes.

Hearties, are you ready for When Calls The Heart Season 9?

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