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‘Seeking Sister Wife’: WOW! Dannielle Merrifield Is A Knockout With This New Look

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Dannielle Merrifield has a brand new look. The Seeking Sister Wife cast member reemerged on Instagram for the first time in a month. In her last post, she showed off a sizzling version of herself on the way to the rodeo. Now, the mother of two has gotten a complete makeover and looks absolutely incredible.

Seeking Sister Wife Struggles

Credit: Dannielle Merrifield Instagram
Credit: Dannielle Merrifield Instagram

Dannielle struggled all throughout her freshman season of the hit TLC series. Alongside her husband, Garrick, the two were in the process of becoming a plural family. They had been married for over a decade. A few years ago, Garrick felt a calling from God to find a second wife. He believed it would bring him closer to God. Unfortunately, Dannielle was not completely on board.

It took some praying on her behalf but she did agree to find a potential sister wife. The two went online and met Roberta from Brazil. Along with their kids, they met up with Bert and her mom in Mexico. On night two, Garrick proposed. Back in America, he and Dannielle filed for divorce so Bert could get a K1 visa. Ultimately, the goal was for Bert and Garrick to wed so she could live with them in the states.

After the divorce, the Merrifields flew back to Mexico so Garrick could bond more with Bert. This started to take a toll on Dannielle as her jealousy became an issue. Once COVID hit, Garrick and Bert decided to forego their Mexico wedding and start the babymaking process. They did not consult Dannielle at all and this furthered her jealousy issues. Viewers and fans alike despised Garrick all season and felt Dannielle could do much better.

Dannielle’s Hot Makeover

Rumors started flying that Dannielle had moved on with a new man. Those were debunked when a fan met them a few weeks back. They were seen out together and seemed super happy. However, Garrick has been living his best life, posing and vacationing in Las Vegas. Therefore, Dannielle decided to do the same. While working out, something she loves to do, Dannielle posted pics. She had a dramatic new look.

Credit: Dannielle Merrifield Instagram
Credit: Dannielle Merrifield Instagram

The fitness enthusiast had long blond locks. A big contrast from the shoulder-length reddish curls she usually dons. Sometimes, she would go pin straight but never blonde. In her post, she does not acknowledge the new hair and focuses solely on making exercise fun.

Followers asked if she was still with Garrick but some did mention her new look. “You look wonderful I love your hair absolutely beautiful,” one said. Others simply told her how beautiful she looked. What do you think of her new hair? Do you want to see them on another season of Seeking Sister Wife? Let us know in the comments.

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