‘Loki’ Lands Second Season After Its Twisty Season 1 Finale

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While most of the Marvel shows on Disney Plus are limited series, that’s not the case for Loki. Season 2 is officially happening.

WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier have not been renewed. The shows are limited series, setting up the next part of the MCU. Many fans wondered if that would be the case for Loki.

The difference between Loki and the other two shows is that this Loki is not the Loki fans came to know and love in the MCU. This is an earlier version of the character, one that doesn’t have a place in the main franchise anymore. It allows for the story to continue on its own, and many fans know that Tom Hiddleston has never said he’s ready to hang up his horns.

Disney Plus renews Loki for Season 2

There is some excellent news about the series, according to TVLine. This is not a limited series. Instead, Loki Season 2 is happening. Disney Plus offered confirmation after the Season 1 finale dropped on the platform.

The renewal is not that much of a surprise. The show quickly proved to be the most successful for the streaming platform, leading to Disney to switch to Wednesday release dates for all future shows. Of course, the character (and actor) has a lot to do with the success of the series.

A renewal will certainly make a lot of fans happy. The series brought plenty of action, plenty of humor, and plenty of twists and turns along the way. It took us down a rabbit hole of multiverses and different versions of our favorite trickster in the MCU. Fans got confirmation that the character is bisexual, while also making it clear that there is good within him.

When will Season 2 come to Disney Plus?

Loki Season 2 is definitely necessary considering how the first season ended. Without giving any major spoilers away, the season ended with a major cliffhanger. If this was to set up the next Marvel movies, the cliffhanger wouldn’t be too bad, but we know that isn’t the case. This version of Loki doesn’t fit into the MCU now so a second season is necessary.

When can fans expect to see the second season on Disney Plus? That isn’t clear just yet, but it is possible to take a guess. The Mandalorian had a year between its first and second seasons. Fans could see something similar for the Marvel series. This suggests that Loki Season 2 will arrive in June 2022.

It is one of the benefits of a weekly release. While all episodes are filmed in full, there isn’t as long of a wait for the editing process. Editing on the later episodes happens while some of the earlier episodes air, similar to premium cable networks.

An episode count isn’t confirmed yet, but it will likely be six episodes again.

Loki Season 1 is streaming on Disney Plus.


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