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‘General Hospital’ 7/14 Recap: Spencer Reveals Himself – Maxie Spills The Truth

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Today on General Hospital (7/14/21), Maxie shocked Nina with her secret, Austin goes after what his father lost, Spencer deals with his family, and Anna heads toward the truth. If you missed today’s episode of GH, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading for our General Hospital 7/14 recap.

General Hospital 7/14 Recap: Maxie shocks Nina with the truth

Maxie Jones is convinced Nina believes she’s crazy. Moreover, she imagines Nina now fears Maxie is going to kidnap Brook Lynn’s baby. So, in the interest of damage control, Nina decides it is time to tell Nina the truth. Before she drops this shocking bombshell on Nina, she swears her friend to secrecy.

Finally, Maxie spills the shocking truth. Bailey is actually her baby. Brook Lynn just stepped in to protect the baby. Hide the baby from Peter. Nina is shocked. While Maxie explains everything to Nina she reassures that killing the nurse was unintentional. Nina promises to keep the secret, but questions if Valentin knew about it. Once she learns he didn’t, Nina pushes for Maxie to tell Valentin the truth. Nina believes he would help keep the baby safe and he would no longer be heartbroken. Nina thinks Maxie could trust Anna and Valentin with this secret. Maxie, however, isn’t willing to risk the baby’s safety. So, she doesn’t want to bring anyone else into the secret.

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Maxie Jones Nina Reeves Photo: Youtube

Spencer deals with his family

Spencer shocks everyone by showing up at Wyndemere. He’s willing to embrace his grandmother. But, there’s some delay in embracing his father. Ava is equally surprised to see Spencer.

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Spencer Cassadine Photo: Youtube

Austin plans to contest the will

It wasn’t long after Austin introduced himself that Monica realized he must be the son of Jimmy Lee Holt and the grandson of Edward. The family proceeds to feud over whether Austin has any rights. Austin chimes in that his father was dead and he intends to stake his claim on what belonged to his late father. Ned doubles down on it being a waste of time as Austin has no rights. Then, Austin announces his plan to contest the will. Leaving the decision to a judge.

When the meeting comes to an end, Austin apologies for the drama. It was never his intention to take anything from the Quartermaines. He never got to know who his grandfather was. And, he wants to know more about the family he came from.

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Austin Holt Photo Youtube

Anna continues to search for the truth

As we previously reported in our General Hospital spoilers, viewers believe Anna is getting closer to fresh Drew Cain clues. During the episode, she worked on going over details with the new security chief. After looking for details on a helicopter pilot… She finally gets a lead. Is she getting closer to the truth?

What did you think of today’s episode of General Hospital? Share your thoughts with us in the comments, And, keep coming back to TvShowsAce for the latest on GH.

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