Everyone’s Favorite ‘Bachelorette’ Kitty Cat Croons His Heart Out

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Connor Brennan brought joy to The Bachelorette the minute he showed up in a cat costume. Katie Thurston loved it and they hit it off right away. It seemed he would go far. In the most recent episode, though it broke her heart to do so, Katie had to tell Connor she didn’t feel the spark with him and send him home. There was a lot of crying and Bachelor Nation had a hard time watching it.

On a group date where Katie wanted to see why the men were the greatest lovers, he wrote her a song. It was a gem with lyrics that were funny and truthful. He seemed perfect for her until she broke his heart.

The men hated to see Connor go as well. One fan on Instagram said, “when Michael A kissed your cheek I lost it! Crying like a baby!”

What Did He Say After His Time On The Bachelorette?

He wrote a song about the experience and it just solidified fans’ desire for him to be the next lead. One of the lines in the song says, “you belong in someone else’s arms, this is someone else’s story.” He put a lot of passion into the song. Connor is a great singer and he plays the guitar as he pours his heart out.

He captioned the video with his thoughts about his time on The Bachelorette. He said, “my overwhelming emotion is one of gratitude. I’m so thankful for every part of what this was.” Connor went on to talk about wild dates, butterflies, and little moments. He said he had been terrified someone would tell him there had been a mixup and he wasn’t supposed to be there.

Instagram, Connor Brennan

Connor said that because of Katie and the men building him up, “I walked out knowing that I was enough. That I was someone who deserved to be there regardless of what happens next.” He also told Katie he felt lucky he got to know her and wanted her to find love. He said writing the song helped him process and get through the break-up.

Fans Love Connor Brennan A Lot

Fans of The Bachelorette love Connor Brennan. They loved him from the moment he showed up as a cat until the devastating goodbye. One fan said, “you should feel amazing knowing that your exit made more men cry than Katie has made cry this season.” Another said, “Such a beautiful soul and human being… everyone sees that. You are so deserving!”

There are now rumors he will be going to Bachelor in Paradise. Here’s hoping he finds love on the beach so he has more to sing about. What did you think of Connor’s tribute to his experience? Comment with your thoughts down below.




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