Lindsie Chrisley BLASTS Julie For Changing Todd, Ruining Their Relationship 

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Lindsie Chrisley took to her Instagram Stories to blast her stepmother Julie for changing her father Todd and ruining their relationship.

Todd’s estranged daughter took aim at Julie Chrisley on her Instagram Stories. So, the shots fired will expire after 24 hours. Moreover, the cryptic message was indirect in taking a shot at her father Todd’s wife. But, the meaning behind her cryptic message was clear. Lindsie blames Julie for having no relationship with her father Todd.

His estranged daughter has been very vocal lately

Lindsie Chrisley typically avoids the topic of her reality TV family. She hasn’t had a relationship with them in years. As we previously reported, it’s been a long time since her father picked up the phone and called Lindsie. Todd Chrisley gets blasted each year for snubbing his estranged daughter on major holidays while praising his other children.

Some fans, however, believe Todd doesn’t have permission to post about Lindsie on social media. In fact, there is some speculation she’s asked not to be included in his spotlight on social media and he’s respecting those wishes every time he snubs her.

Lindsie Chrisley Julie Instagram

News recently broke that Lindsie did not betray her father, Kyle did

As we previously reported, news broke recently that Lindsie had nothing to do with Todd and Julie getting reported for tax fraud. Court documents reveal it was actually Kyle and Chloe’s birth mother that tipped off the government to the fraud. Neither Todd nor Kyle have spoken out on this news.

Todd Julie chrisley

Lindsie hasn’t directly spoken out on the news either. But, she’s been EXTRA vocal about her reality TV family on Instagram lately. And, those who have been following the recent Chrisley news can’t help but notice the confidential timing of it all.

Chrisley Bombshell: Lindsie Didn’t Report Todd, One Of Her Siblings Did

Turns out, it might not be Todd Chrisley who Lindsie has real issues with. On her Instagram Stories today, his estranged daughter fired shots at Julie.

Wait, Lindsie Chrisley blames Julie for ruining her relationship with Todd?!

Lindsie Chrisley shared a TikTok she found relatable on her Instagram Stories today. It had a very cryptic caption. Turns out, Lindsie considers Julie the woman who changed her father and ruined her relationship with him. See a screenshot of the shots fired at Julie down below.

Lindsie Chrisley Instagram

Are you surprised Lindsie Chrisley blames Julie for changing Todd and ruining their relationship? Do you think Julie Chrisley really got between Lindsie and Todd?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for the latest Chrisley news.

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  1. Lindsey is her own worst enemy! She blames everybody be herself for her immature behavior! She needs to move on with her own life!

  2. Once again lindsie just can’t seem to shut up. Her own personal life is in ruins and she will probably blame Todd and Julie for ruining her so called marriage! She needs help and meds. I feel sorry for Jax! His poor life will be ruined because his mother refuses to grow up!

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