Jessa Seewald Admits To Breaking The Law With Her Children

Jessa Seewald Instagram

Former Counting On star Jessa Duggar Seewald took to Instagram to share an interesting post with her followers. She shared a couple of photos of her three kids, Spurgeon, 5, Henry, 4, and Ivy, 2, and revealed they nearly broke the law. So, what happened?

Jessa Seewald YouTube
Jessa Seewald YouTube

Jessa Seewald details new experience with three kids

In an Instagram post, Jessa shared a couple of photos of the kids holding goose feathers. It looks like they are enjoying a beautiful day outside as they walk on a trail near a pond.

@JessaSeewald Instagram
@JessaSeewald Instagram

In her post, Jessa writes, “Canada geese must be molting, because the kids found and scooped up tons of feathers as they ran ahead of me on the trail. Like a mom, I was thinking about mites or something like that being on the feathers, and said ‘Those are so pretty, but I don’t know if we can bring them in the car!’**hand sanitizer** 😆”

Then, Jessa reveals, “But they were pleading to keep their finds, so I googled for cleanliness of such things, and found out it’s actually against the law to keep migratory bird feathers! Who knew? Back to nature they went.”

She also asks her followers whether they knew about this rule. It’s something she had never heard of before. So, it’s possible Jessa’s kids have taken feathers before.

Duggar fans shocked by new post

Fans are shocked by this rule. In the comments section of Jessa’s post, many are weighing in to share that they had no idea they were breaking the law as kids. Some are saying that they are “felons” for the same reason. One writes, “I had no idea. I was a felon as a child then!” Others chime in and say they did the same thing as children.

One fan joked that the law might have been set by a mother who didn’t want the germs in her care or house like Jessa mentioned. The fan wrote, “A common sense law that must have been written by a mom to keep the feathers out of our vans and homes 😂”

Another fan offers an explanation for this law. They reply, “I knew because I’m in a group for people who collect dead things 😂 it’s because you can’t technically prove you didn’t kill a bird you’re not supposed to kill.”

So, did you know it was illegal to keep migratory bird feathers? Are you surprised to hear this too? Let us know in the comments below.

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