‘Bachelor’ Villain Victoria Larson SLAMS ‘Hateful’ Comments About Her Shocking New Look

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Victoria Larson would very much like people to exclude her from the conversation about her new look. When ABC finally confirmed the Season 7 cast list of Bachelor in Paradise, fans had a lot of thoughts. The beachy photos of contestants Victoria Paul and Victoria Larson raised red flags for Bachelor Nation. “Queen” Victoria (Larson) has a whole new look that has fans doing a double-take. And she is sick of the hypocrisy. 

Victoria Paul Claps Back At Overly Filtered Photo

Bachelor In Paradise returns in just over a month. But ABC kept the contestant names a close secret, only confirming the names with a social media drop on July 8. Among the contestants is Victoria Paul from Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor.

When Victoria P. saw her official BiP photo, she hardly recognized herself. She took to her social media to call out ABC for over-filtering the photo. Us Weekly reports that Victoria P. then shared an unfiltered photo of herself in the same dress to show the real her. 

But Victoria P. wasn’t the only unrecognizable BiP contestant. Another Victoria had fans beside themselves with her new look. 

Credit: Victoria Larson/Instagram
Credit: Victoria Larson/Instagram

Bachelor “Queen” Undergoes Drastic Post-Show Makeover 

Victoria Larson dubbed herself the “Queen” of Season 25. However, she didn’t impress the other women in the house, or Matt James. He sent her home early in the season, prompting her to give a fiery speech telling him she felt sorry for him. In her exit interview, she called him a Jester. 

Season 25 viewers were used to seeing Victoria L. as the dowdy brunette in the above clip. Matt James and his friends even poked fun at her body type. So, imagine the surprise when Parade and other outlets shared the official cast photos. After leaving the show, “Queen” Victoria transformed from a pumpkin into a hot blonde living her best life.

Credit: Victoria Larson/Instagram
Credit: Victoria Larson/Instagram

Victoria Larson Slams ‘Hateful, Hypocritical’ Comments on Her Appearance 

Apparently, many Bachelor Nation fans didn’t keep up with Victoria after she was kicked off The Bachelor. Her beachy, blonde BiP photo caught people by surprise. And they made sure she knew how much better she looks now than before. 

Credit: Victoria Larson/Instagram
Credit: Victoria Larson/Instagram

But she’s had enough of the backhanded compliments. The Bachelor in Paradise contestant took to her Instagram to tell her followers to knock it off. But first, she wanted to clear up rumors of plastic surgery. In the post, Victoria cops to getting lip fillers. However, she chalks her appearance on Bachelor to “having a swollen eye.” 

She also explains that her Season 25 appearance came in the middle of a pandemic, and her physical appearance wasn’t a priority. 

Furthermore, she declares that she was “always beautiful” and shouldn’t be judged based on “one season” of a reality show. 

Victoria Larson pleads with fans to “cease” the “hateful, hypocritical comments” about her appearance. 

Credit: Victoria Larson/Instagram
Credit: Victoria Larson/Instagram

Fans will have to tune in Mondays this summer to see if Victoria Larson brings her Bachelor behavior to BiP. 

Bachelor in Paradise premieres on August 16, only on ABC. 

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