’90 Day Fiance’ Caesar Mack Introduces Fans To His Many Children

90 Day Fiance Credit: Caesar Mack Instagram

Caesar Mack had a rollercoaster ride on 90 Day Fiance. He went to great lengths in an attempt to meet the love of his life, Maria. Viewers were hopeful he was not being catfished. Especially when he was draining his bank account and borrowing money from his boss. Could Caeser ever be happy in the end?

An Unhappy 90 Day Fiance Ending

Credit: Caesar Mack Instagram
Credit: Caesar Mack Instagram

Caesar was funding Maria’s lifestyle, sending her money every month. Finally, they decided to meet up in Mexico for a romantic getaway. Working as a nail tech did not pay big bucks but he somehow managed to make it work. However, she broke his heart by canceling her ticket and breaking up with Caesar. He finally had to admit he had spent over forty thousand dollars on this elusive love.

When it came time for the tell-all, everyone wanted answers. Luckily, it was the one time Maria showed up and said her piece. She admitted to not being into Caesar and talking to other men at the same time. Maria debunked his claims about all the money he sent, as well.

Eventually, he did fly to Ukraine to meet her but they are no longer speaking. He is steering clear of any woman who asks for money upfront. Caesar has also connected with very important “people” in his life- his children.

Caesar Introduces His Kids

As a hardcore fan, did you even know he had children? It is okay if you didn’t because they are not of humankind. They are a large pond of fish which he absolutely adores and has such a close bond with. He has a beautiful koi fish pond and gets great pleasure feeding them. His followers are amazed by the beauty and are incredibly supportive. One commented: “Beautiful 😍 Koi Pond! Very therapeutic I’m sure. God bless you bro!”  Watching Caesar bonding with the Koi fish is adorable he even has names for them, he pointed out “his son Ronaldo”.  See the video below from Caesar’s Instagram


Another added: “Aww that’s beautiful, we don’t have fish my husband likes to feed birds.” This seems to have filled any longing or emptiness he may have had inside. His face lights up when they come to him for their daily feedings. Of course, some people were not kind with their words but that is to be expected. As long as Caesar is happy, that is all that matters.

Fans can also find him and his kids on Cameo right now if interested. He will send you a video and an autograph for fifty dollars. Do you miss seeing Caesar on 90 Day Fiance or any of the spin-offs? Let us know in the comments below.

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