‘You, Me, and My Ex’ Season 1 Episode 3 Recap: July 11

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Last week on You, Me, and My Ex, Jessica and Kayee continued to butt heads. Jessica does not think Kay contributes anything to the family. She also is feeling like she is too much of a child. However, Jerry is determined to make it work no matter what. The dynamic of April and Roy was introduced when they chose to get matching tattoos behind her new husband’s back. He likes Roy but wishes they would spend less time together. Finally, Alex is still being scrutinized for choosing a woman. Yet, this could be the one for him and he is ready to pop the question.

The Big You, Me, and My Ex Trip With Jerry’s Family

You Me and My Ex Credit: TLC
Credit: TLC

To break up the tension, Jerry planned a ski trip for his whole family. This included Kay. She was not sure how she would be on the slopes. Yet she did very well and had a lot of fun. Unfortunately, Jessica could not stand her. She found her loud and obnoxious. It infuriated her when Kay referred to it as a great family trip. Jessica won’t even attempt to make them somewhat of a family, even for the kids.

Kayee may seem high maintenance but at least she is trying to have fun. Jessica clearly does not want her there at all. Luckily, Kay is bonding with Jerry’s kids so this breaks up the tension. They all get in the car to head back home and Jerry is completely oblivious to Jessica’s rude ways. Kay makes it clear to the camera she will not be played or disrespected by Jessica.

Jessica gets all cozy with the kids, talking about making hot cocoa. Jerry notes how much Kay loves cocoa. She snubs him and stays silent. He cannot figure out why. Clearly, he is tone-deaf to the way Jessica has been treating Kay. But he knows it’s going to end badly.

Loren, April, Roy, and John- The Hot Mess Express

Admittedly, Loren and April did not get along at first. It took Loren over two years to forge a friendship with April when April began dating John. That was Loren’s husband at the time so she was not a fan. To the extent, she tried to hit her with her car. Yet, she eventually realized how amazing she was. They soon became super close friends and could all co-parent very well. Together, Loren and April have a podcast.

The ladies decided to do a sexy photoshoot just for a fun. Nudity was involved in it. John came home early to surprise April and was shocked to find her in a bubble bath with his ex-wife. He said he was mad but was he really? John begins to question the women and what is going on. He explains to the camera how Loren and April were fire at first. Then, they became so close, it was phone calls that ended in “I love you.” He also explains his wedding to April had to be quiet because of a lot of tension.

Now that it has quieted down, he feels it is time to give her the princess fairy tale wedding she has dreamed of. He takes her to dinner and hides her engagement ring in a drawer. John has added some stones and tells her they can have the wedding they want. He does ask April if she is ready to let Roy go. John does not understand the friendship at all. It might all be messy.

You, Me, and My Ex– With A Twist

Credit: TLC
Credit: TLC

Jen and Josh got married in their early twenties. They had a son together. However, she was still in party mode while he was ready to settle down. When she was at work, she met Chantel. Chantel was not interested in her because she was straight and married. They started hanging out and Jen was open with Josh about where she was going. However, he never thought much of it because he knew Chantel was gay. Never did he imagine his wife would leave him for a woman.

In order to pursue it, Chantel said Jen had to leave her husband. She did and went straight from Josh’s home to Chantel’s, saying she was just a roommate. They’ve been together for six years. Josh went pretty crazy until he met Danielle. They got married and quickly found out they were expecting. Unfortunately, both Danielle and Chantel have struggled with how close Josh and Jen are.

Luckily, they have grown super close and now, Josh is helping Chantel and Jen make a baby. There is still a lot to hash out but they are remaining hopeful.

Alex’s Big Step

Time to ring shop. Alex is taking his sister, Tiffany ring shopping for Caroline. She has never met his girlfriend. He kept his circle with her small as he grew tired of the questions about his sexuality. Tiffany felt if he ended up with a woman, it would be an old lady. Implying a sugar mama. When she asks if he is sure he wants to marry Caroline, he says he thinks he is.

She wants him to stop and take his time to process everything. His ex, Steve calls while they are at the mall. Admittedly, Alex was ready to marry his ex twelve years ago and that did not work out. Steve was the first person he ever told he loved.

Tiffany has a lot of questions for Alex like if Caroline knows he has been with a man and about Steve. He says she knows absolutely everything. Alex realizes it is time for Caroline to meet his whole family even if it jeopardizes the proposal. He does not want to make a rush purchase so they leave the ring store and go get food instead.

You, Me, and My Ex Vacay Gone Sour

Kayee is on the phone with her friend venting her frustrations. She feels like she is really trying but Jessica is making it impossible. Jerry notices she is mad and goes to talk to Jessica about it. She acts oblivious to the situation. Jessica tells the camera everything has been great for the past nine months. She does not want to have to change at all. Now, Kay moves in and it interrupts the balance.

Kay finally tells Jerry she tried all day to be nice but it did not work. Jessica comes in to see what is going on. She acts like she was great all day. Kay confronts her and says she was passive-aggressive. She notes she gave her several opportunities to tell her how she felt but she did not do it. There were glares, the cold shoulder, and more. Kay was willing to say they could be friends and try to make it work. Now, she is over it.

Jerry is trying to play peacemaker and it is sad. He needs to stand up to his ex-wife as Kay is trying to tell him. She finally says she needs space and asks if they can be alone. He thinks it is a great idea, leaves the room, and immediately goes to hug his ex.

Next week, April is shocked Roy won’t come to her wedding. Josh, Jen, and Chantel are trying to figure out parental roles for the unborn baby. Finally, Caroline meets Alex’s family but it ends in a screaming match with Alex storming out. Watch You, Me, and My Ex Sundays at 10 pm only on TLC.

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