‘Sister Wives’: Did Robyn Brown Take Snarky Digs At Meri’s Eyebrows?!

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Turns out, Robyn Brown has sassy Pinterest boards where she spends time taking digs at Kody’s wives. According to Screen Rant, fans of Sister Wives fans are a little bored these days with the show currently being between seasons. So, they’ve spent time sleuthing around the internet to dig up dirt on Kody Brown and his wives. Turns out, Robyn Brown has a pretty snarky Pinterest account where she enjoys taking sassy digs at Kody’s other wives. This is especially true for Meri Brown and her eyebrows.

Sister Wives fans are obsessed with Meri Brown’s eyebrows

As we’ve previously reported, Sister Wives fans are OBSESSED with Meri Brown’s eyebrows. They are constantly bringing them up in the comments of her Instagram posts. Many wish she would seek some professional help to get them fixed because of how visually unappealing most fans agree they are. Truthfully, Sister Wives fans nitpick at the eyebrows of all of Kody’s wives and some of his daughters.

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Robyn Brown reportedly has a snarky Pinterest account

Turns out, there is an entire Reddit thread dedicated to what Robyn Brown has posted on her Pinterest account. One of Robyn’s most talked about quotes on her account is “Don’t worry about me. Worry about your eyebrows.” Sister Wives fans agree that particular quote is obviously a dig at Meri Brown’s eyebrows.

Is this really her account?

Now, as we’ve reported previously, there’s a lot of hate for Robyn Brown among Sister Wives fans. But, there are some followers of the show on this Reddit thread that question if the Pinterest actually belongs to her. Is it possible the account was created by a troll merely to stir the pot?

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Unfortunately, the Reddit thread discussing the Pinterest account appears to have been deleted. But, Screen Rant reported on the thread a few days ago confirming it did exist. The outlet goes on to reveal the Pinterest account included several presumed digs at Kody Brown’s other wives as well.

Do you think Robyn Brown secretly hates all of her sister wives? Do you think she wants Kody all to herself? Moreover, do you think she really has a snarky Pinterest where she takes digs at Kody’s other wives? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Brown family.

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  1. Robyn does not want to share kody she only befriended first and legal wife so she could marry kody with her sob story she mentioned her own mother was a second wife so it must have been robyn plan she’s interfering and knows about the other wives business because kody must tell her she is so false pretending to cry she knows she and her children get all the attention and does not care she uses people robyn is about robyn

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