Janelle Brown Fires Back At Criticism Of Kody: See Photo

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Sister Wives fans wonder where Kody Brown fits into Janelle’s new RV life. Truthfully, Kody has received a fair amount of criticism lately for his treatment of Janelle, his daughter Maddie, and his grandchildren. Sister Wives fans don’t believe Kody Brown will have anything to do with Janelle living on the land. And, they hate that he didn’t tag along to see his daughter or his grandchildren. Does he ever spend time with anyone other than Robyn and her children? Fans really don’t seem to think so.

Kody’s wives usually ignore the criticism

Now, Kody Brown’s wives usually just ignore the criticism. Sister Wives fans assume their TLC contract probably limits what they can and can’t discuss about their relationships with Kody anyway. That being said, it certainly feels like the wives only come together long enough to film episodes of the TLC series. Those who watch the reality TV series feel that the Brown family is fractured. They question if Kody Brown is even still with any of his wives other than Robyn. Mostly, his wives just ignore mentions of Kody on their social media profiles.

Kody Brown YouTube

Janelle Brown, however, took a different approach recently. She fired back at questions of “Where’s Kody” with a photo of herself spending time with him on her Instagram Stories.

Janelle Brown enjoys dinner with her husband

The TLC personality revealed the vibrant red picnic table she set up recently. She put it in the shade of the RV. This way she could enjoy meals outside when the weather was right. On her Instagram Stories, she revealed Kody Brown joined her for dinner after setting up the picnic table.

Janelle Brown Instagram

The duo were both beaming with joy as they sat down to enjoy dinner together. Now, Janelle Brown didn’t directly respond to questions of “Where’s Kody” in her comments. But, this photo was clearly a response to the criticism. The photo answered a lot of questions fans were asking. Now, we still aren’t sure if Kody actually spent the night at the RV. But, she made it clear he was at least supportive of her decision to live on the land.

Janelle Brown Instagram


Do you think Kody’s other wives will move to Coyote Pass? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Brown family.

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