Hallmark’s Summer Nights Part 2 Includes Sequels, Fan Favorites

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The second wave of Hallmark Summer Nights movies is on the way. These movies include some fan favorites like Andrew Walker (Christmas On My Mind, Sweet Autumn), Jack Wagner (General Hospital, When Calls The Heart), Wes Brown (True Blood, A Nashville Christmas Carol), Autumn Reeser (90210, Entourage), and Josie Bissett (Melrose Place, Paper Angels).

In addition, there are some new faces in these Hallmark movies. They include Corbin Bleu (A Christmas Dance Reunion, High School Musical), Christine Ko (Tigertail, Dave). Chloe Bridges (Insatiable, The Final Girls), and Taiana Tully (Aloha Surf Hotel, Hawaii Five-O).

Five new summer-themed movies will be released during the dog days of summer.

What Is Hallmark’s Love, For Real About?

Kicking off Hallmark’s Summer Nights Part 2 is Love, For Real. This movie stars Chloe Bridges (Skate God), Taiana Tully (Magnum P.I., Scott Michael Foster (In The Key Of Love), and Corbin Bleu (Remember Me: The Mahalia Jackson Story).

According to The Futon Critic, in this story, Hayley (Bridges) and her friend Bree (Tully) go on a dating show. They are both doing it to advance their careers. However, the show has other plans. That is because bachelor Marco (Bleu) and producer Luke’s (Foster) plans are for Hayley to stay through the finale.

Watch the premiere of Hallmark’s Love, For Real on Saturday, July 31, at 9 p.m. Eastern.

What is The 27-Hour Day About?

Feeling out of balance? Then Hallmark’s The 27-Hour Day is the movie to restore that. This stars Autumn Reeser (90210), and Andrew Walker (A Bride For Christmas), in their first Hallmark movie together.

This is the story of Lauren (Reeser), who may be an efficiency expert, but has lost the work/life balance that she aimed for when she started her venture. She goes on a retreat to restore her life and meets Jack (Walker), whose connection to nature is restorative. However, he could use some of her gumption and drive.

Watch the premiere of Hallmark’s The 27-Hour Day on Saturday, August 7, at 9 p.m. Eastern.

Ready For Hallmark’s Sealed With A Kiss: Wedding March 6?

Will Mick and Olivia finally walk down the aisle in Hallmark’s sixth Wedding March movie? Sealed With A Kiss: Wedding March 6 stars Jack Wagner (Melrose Place), Josie Bissett (The Secret Life Of The American Teenager), Caitlyn Stryker (Time For You To Come Home For Christmas), and Nathan Witte (Sweet Carolina).

In this movie, Mick and Olivia are holding back their nuptials. That is because they are hosting the wedding of an A-list actor (Witte) and his fiancée (Stryker). However, when the planned low-key celebration morphs into an event that’s anything but that, Mick and Olivia find that they need to pivot and fast! There are a lot of moving parts.

Meanwhile, their wedding continues to get delayed. Turns out, Mick gets an exciting opportunity. Olivia is ok with waiting. She wants Mick to go after his dreams. However, some last-minute changes may help make everyone’s plans work out.

Catch the premiere of Hallmark’s Sealed With A Kiss: Wedding March 6 on Saturday, August 14, at 9 p.m. Eastern.

Lots Of Buzz About Hallmark’s Love In The Afternoon

Jen Lilley (Days of Our Lives), Ryan Paevey (General Hospital), and Linda Dano (Another World) all are in the highly anticipated soapy Hallmark movie, Love In The Afternoon.

In this story, head writer Maggie (Lilley) is desperate to keep her soap from being canceled. She is so desperate that she must convince Darin (Paevey), a fan-favorite actor and her real-life ex-boyfriend, to return to the show.  Moreover, there is more at store for Maggie. That is because the show’s producer, and creator, Alice (Dano), hopes to pass the baton to Maggie. That is if the soap can be salvaged.

Don’t miss the premiere of Hallmark’s Love In The Afternoon on Saturday, August 21, at 9 p.m. Eastern.

Sweet Pecan Summer Is Final Hallmark Summer Nights Movie

Hallmark’s Sweet Pecan Summer is the final Summer Nights Part 2 movie. This stars Christine Ko (Dave), Wes Brown (We Are Marshall), Lauren Tom (Friends).

In this movie, Amanda (Ko) must put aside her differences and work with her ex-boyfriend J.P. (Brown). They are working together to sell her favorite aunt’s (Tom) pecan farm. However, as they spend more time, Amanda and J.P. start to feel those tender feelings of years past. The spark is so strong, they now begin to question their separate life paths.

Be sure to catch the premiere of Hallmark’s Sweet Pecan Summer on Saturday, August 28, at 9 p.m. Eastern, on the Hallmark Channel.

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