Amy King Second Guesses Son’s Shirtless Pics Because Of People Like Josh?

Amy King Instagram, Josh Duggar

Since Josh Duggar was arrested, his cousin Amy King has been speaking out against him. Amy has shared several tweets and social media posts that subtly convey her feelings about Josh’s arrest for the possession of child sexual abuse material. She even tweeted about Josh’s wife Anna Duggar needing to pack her bags and leave him.

While Amy is Jim Bob Duggar’s niece, she has made it clear that she’s not a Duggar. She’s always been a little different from the rest of the family and doesn’t adhere to their strict rules. Fans applaud her for her bold character and her eagerness to speak out against Josh. While other members of the family have attempted to condemn his alleged actions, Amy isn’t stepping down. She wants to make her voice heard and protect innocent children. So, she made another social media post showing her stance.

Amy King shades Josh Duggar

In a new Instagram post, Amy shared a picture of her toddler son Daxton Ryan King in the pool. The little guy is sitting on a raft while soaking up the sun in his baseball cap and swim trunks.

Amy King Instagram

In her caption, she reveals this isn’t the first time she posted the photo. Upon sharing it, she realized that she should cover up Daxton’s bare chest. So, she added an emoji and reposted it. She writes:

“I posted the unedited version, and then I thought to myself is that too much skin? He’s just shirtless. 🤔 and then I thought you never know who is seeing this picture and what they are thinking and now I’m going to be extra careful and protect him! I encourage all parents to be very careful on what we post from now on. I now have a new set of eyes and I’m more of aware of how someone can use anything for evil. It’s the sad truth, but something worth sharing for sure.”

Amy King Instagram

Her followers are applauding her for this decision and appreciate her insight. They agree that anyone could see the photo of the little guy and that they may have the wrong intentions.

So, do you like that Amy King has decided to give Daxton more privacy? Do you think Josh Duggar’s arrest opened her eyes? Let us know in the comments below.

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