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‘Big Brother 23’ Twist FORCES Teams To Work Together

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The teams’ twist was revealed days before the Big Brother 23 Premiere. But, viewers got their first full dose of the twist during Season 23, Episode 1. Now, this isn’t the first time a twist involving teams has been introduced into the CBS reality TV series. And, it is never well-received by houseguests. While are few are just excited to play the game… Many don’t like the idea of their individual game being stripped away from them.

In true Big Brother fashion, production has found a way to add a slightly unique spin on the team twist this year. And, this spin will force the teams to function even better as a single unit. Just how are they planning on doing that exactly? Well, if you’ve watched Season 23, Episode 1 you already know the answer. But, if you haven’t or you aren’t sure… Keep reading, we’ll explain.

The first Big Brother HOH competition forces teams to function as one.

Initially, it appears as if the four team captains would be competing to become HOH. While that was technically true, they would have to rely on their team in order to win. Julie Chen reveals the entire team would have to work together to win the HOH competition. Each member of the team would have to help balance a platform while the team captain built a pyramid of cards. Once the pyramid is constructed, the team captain could rush across the yard and press the button before the pyramid falls.

The teams had to be careful though because there were giant cards above them that would fall and take out the pyramid periodically.

Big Brother YouTube CBS

Who won the HOH?

As we previously reported, Frenchie and his team — The Jokers — officially won the first HOH. Frenchie was offered a unique opportunity after Julie dropped a bomb about increasing the cash prize at the end of the game. For the first time in Big Brother history, she offered a chance to risk it all. Risk it all for double or nothing.

Frenchie, however, was not a risk-taker. He did not want to give up his team’s week of freedom for a chance at two weeks. Will this same opportunity be offered to the HOH next week? Only time will tell. But, it definitely seems like this will be a season filled with opportunities to risk it all.

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